Friday, August 5, 2011


Raksha Bandhan Festival is a pious, religious and cultural one. If this festival is celebrated from
spiritual prospective, it will bind the mankind as a whole with love and brotherhood and free them
even from subtle vices and save them from outwardly cheats.
Outwardly, this festival is celebrated by tying a sacred thread by a Brahmin to his host (yajman) and by the sister to her brother but spiritual secret (meaning) is quit different. But by understanding its real spiritual purpose ,many problems and difficulties that arise in human relations can be removed. Specially this “Raksha Bandhan” festival is an effort ,by the Brahmin by reciting spiritual verse and tying the sacred thread to his yajman with a view to do away the various types of his poverty and effect off ill -luck . There is a very famous story of tying the sacred thread by the queen of paradise Indrani to Lord “Indra” at a time when he lost his kingdom and treasure to devils forces. At that time Indrani remembered God and in her Divine thoughts she tied the sacred thread, a symbol of Purity and Lord Indra again fought with Devil forces and defeated them, was victorious and won over his kingdom and treasures.
In those days when India was being attacked by Foreign enemies ,Hindu Ladies and sisters devise a way of celebrating the festival of with new brothers by tying sacred thread - a symbol of purity to save themselves from enemy by giving them responsibility to save them and their honour in the time of difficulties.The custom of Rakhi is not just celebrates present within Hinduism, even great Mughal Emperor like Akbar and Humayuan established a pure relation by determing to protect them against impurity. According to the time and situation the festival of Raksha Bandhan has become an ordinary ritual of tying the thread, applying the tilak and sweetening the mouth.This ritual is also being practised less. The spiritual significance of Rakhi is totally different.
The message to all about Raksha Bandhan is :- to make our life elevated, powerful, peaceful, happy and secure for this we need purity of thoughts words and deeds.
It can be seen that it is impossible for a devotee to become happy and peaceful simply by a few words of the priest. If this were so all would have made their lives happy already . According to the story, Indrani tied the Rakhi to Indra, her husband. Therefore this thread of purity is not simply for brother to protect a sister, for, it is impossible for him to be there all the time. Additionally, how can a younger brother protect his elder sister ?
Raksha Bandhan is a festival that spreads the message of Purity in our thoughts, words and deeds. Only when we inculcate purity in our lives in society, in our family can there be real peace and happiness in the world . Because purity is the mother of peace and happiness. By tying a Rakhi to the brother , this life can become pure and will be inspired to follow a principlesof divine life. The brother will have relationship of purity and huminity for all women. In actual fact, Raksha Bandhan is a symbol for one’s Protection . Shiva the supreme father, the Almighty Authority is our over lasting Protector. Through his remembrance our action can easily become pure and elevated. At the time of Raksha Bandhan a tilak of Sandal wood is applied, this tilak is the memorial of the form of the self as a soul filled with virtues and powers.We are all eternal immortal
and inperishable souls. All souls are brothers, Our religion is purity, peace, love and bliss.The tilak inspires us to see all souls in this light.
To sweeten ones mouth means to speak, elevated divine worlds.During Rakhi, a brother gives his sister some money for her expenses.The spiritual significianceof this is to donate (money) the 5 vices to God. Only then the eclipse of Peacelessness, sorrow impurity be renowed, This is why there is a saying “ Remove the eclipse by donations” The power to destroy the powerof the vices is with the supreme soul alone.
At this time, God has incarnated on this impure vicious world to protect souls from the enemy of the vices. For this, the supreme soul is giving all souls the message of purity.The memorial of this is ‘Rakhi’. Also this is not just , for one day, but we have to remain pure as long as we live. This festival is celebrated every year in order to maintain our practise of purity.
Purity does not only mean the Practise of celibacy .It means to follow God’s direction in our activities,words, relations, and thoughts. If this is broken it is also impurity. Then there will be the experience of peacelessness sorrow and we cannot be protected by God.
Now, God himself is tying this Rakhi of purity to us. Because many obstacles such as natural calamities, destructive power of sceintific invention i.e nuclear war, are facing us as part of the Transformation of the world. Purity is an essential protection, not only for the self, but for others tooo at this time. Along with this purity is essential in order to become future Deties.
This year, therefore, together we need to tie the thread of subtle purity and make this promise to God.Whatever subtle or gross vices you have, give them to God as a donation. Only then can we be protected from vicious attitudes and can create the kingdom of the Golden Age. There will be peace in our lives, peace in the world and their will be security in all aspects.
It is of this purity that reminds us by this festival of ‘Rakhi’. cc
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% om shanti%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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