Friday, August 5, 2011


The world 'shivaratri' means a night of auspicious goodness. The supreme soul, the Father of all souls, the brightest point of light. Shiv paramatma arrives in this world at a time when the world is in grip of total darkness of ignorance and grief and sorrow to play His role of renewing the world. He comes to play his role in the final act of this world drama to wipe out all the elements and set a new order. He is the world Benefactor to promote goodness in everything. That final act where shiva is the Here playing His part of world renewal is called 'shivaratri'. Shiv paramatma is the supreme of all souls. Atma's of different religions call Him by different names, as Amarnath, Badharinath, Mukteswar, etc. Amarnath means one who makes the atma eternal. Badharinath, making one in to flower from thorns and Mukuteswar meaning the Liberator. Muslims adore and kiss, 'sang-a-aswad' a stone in the shape of shivling in Meccha. Jesus and Guru Nanak also believe God as a light. Thus the atma of all religions God, the supreme father is bodiless and farm less but only light. He is the ocean of all divine qualities. God Shiva through Brahma Vishnu and shankara operates His activities of generator, taking care i.e operation and destruction respectively. So He is known Trimurty Shiva. Paramapita Shiva paramatma helps the weak, suffering, un happy, restless souls to become strong, happy and peaceful by giving clean and pure love and companion when man becomes soul conscious he naturally is pure, peaceful and happy. We find (people.) devotees wearing the three parallel of white sacred ash with a Tika in the centre between the eyebrows.
Shiva the supreme soul dose not come in the cycle of birth and death. That is why he is called eternal. He is the Bestower of blessings on benovelence to every one in this world and always. He is light for ever, so people sight lamps which are lit for 24 Hrs.
One has to lead a pure pions life with good manners and right habits to become worthy of this blessings. We usually Shiva's temples at the giver of the best knowledge of the highest order and quality. At present the society has become impovenished because the souls do actions which are bad and negetive. Souls are body conscious now. So now is the time for the souls to discard all negativity and badness and regain their original innate qualities of honesty, purity, happiness, bliss, silence, peace and prosperity. So
that make a promise to learn Raja Yoga from the supreme father, teacher and Guru. Shiva 'Gyan and Raja Yoga' to become good and pure souls of God consciousness. So better late than never! Celebrate shiva ratri to liberate ourself from the shell of darkness by learning Raja yoga from the Supreme father who is the master also.!

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