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THE MYSTERY OF SHRI KRISHNA जन्माष्टमी bk bhagwan

We celebrate the birth anniversaries of great men like Nehru, Vivekanand, Ramtirth etc, Their birthdays are observed because they had led an uncommon life, dedicated to a national, religions or social cause.
Few of the great men worked for a political cause, some for social and some for spiritual cause. But there has been no person in the human history that has excelled in all fields of human activity. Neither have there been persons who are worshipped. There are a few men who are known as ('Mahatma') great Soul. But Sri Krishna had excelled in all three fields of activity. He is not only praise worthy
But also worship worthy. This is because he was totally vice less possessed 16 celestial arts and was 'Maryada Purshottam'.
Very few persons lead a pure life even then they don' t did not attain a completely pure stage, nor do they have p pure birth. Hence, they don't become worship worthy. They are not remembered for their births but for the deeds they have done in the course of their lives. But Sri Krishna is praised and worshipped right from his birth. Hence Infect Krishna is shown as being rocked in a cradle affectionately by mothers. Sri Krishna was pure by birth hence; his mother saw a vision of the four-armed Vishnu. Sri Krishna 'a childhood pictures also show a halo around his head, which is a symbol of purity. The peacock feather in his crown is also symbol of purity, as peacocks are considered pure. All this shows that Sri Krishna was completely pure.
Each part of Sri Krishna 's body is compared to a lotus. Lotus is also a symbol of purity hence, it is said, lotus like eyes, lotus like hands, lotus like mouth, lotus like feet etc. Sri Krishna had all the virtues. He had all the celestial arts like the full moon. These arts symbolize perfection. It is said of his birth, that he was born in the prison of Kansa when every body was asleep. His mother had a vision of Vishnu who himself took the form of body Krishna. In fact, this is the tale of the final phase of Kalyuga (Iron age) when this world represents a huge prison, wherein each being is under the influence of 5 vices and so unhappy. The whole world is ruled by wicked Kansa, i. e. the vices. Everywhere, there is chaos and pain. Small children, young people are killing themselves with Kansa’ s sickle of sex – lust, Every- body is surrounded with the five vices. At such time supreme Father comes on this earth in an incognito form and liberates the souls from the prison of Kansa i. e. the vices. He comes as the boatman who librates us across the poisonous river of Hell to Heaven.
Actually, Sir Krishna was the first prince of Heaven. He was born in heaven (paradise). Sri Krishna is the childhood form Sri Narayan, Hence it is sung:
‘Sri Krishna Govind Here Murare
He Naath Narayan Vasudeva’
This shows that Sri Krishna grows up to become Sri Narayan. Neither Sri Narayan’ s birthday celebrated nor his childhood ever described. Sri Krishna was in the Golden Age because he is known as ‘Vaikuntha Naath ‘i.e. the Lord of paradise. We cannot call him the copper Age paradise. Sri Krishna was born in the Golden Age, the age of happiness. So, how did Krishna, whom we worship, become so great? Certainly, he must ‘ve done great deeds in his previous birth. That ‘s why he is praised right from his birth. He is as Yogiraj, so he must’ve practised yoga some time. Yoga is practised to achieve what desire to achieve. So he must have practiced yoga in his previous birth so he could become the prince of Golden Age, where one lacks nothing, one has everything one desires. So in the Golden Age, there is no need to practice of Yoga.
It was Heaven in Bharat at the time of Golden Age, which was called as the Golden of bird, and all were happy. It was then Sri Krishna and Sri Radha take births. It is called as the satyuga and King domes are there in the satyuga taking place one by one where the rulers the rulers are all known as Shree Lakshmi and shree Narayan.
Hence the name Janmashtami to the birthday of Sri Krishna who is the childhood of Narayana.
After that the same soul of Sri Krishna is taking births in different names and different forms. In the Tretayuga (silver age) there are 12 rebirths and 2 degree less.
Golden age and silver Age are of 1250yeara each and these are tow ages called Heaven. Then the soul of Sri Krishna was voiceless. It is in the copper age (Dwaparyuga) all become possessed with vices changes to a worshiper from the worshiped. It is the starting of the age of Bhakti. All are taking 21 births there and come to kalyug to take a 42 more. It is the same Great soul of Sri Krishna in Dwaparyuga becomes the impure black one from the pure beautiful. The soul of Sri Krishna is shown as black in kaliyuga and Dwapar Yuga, wahich means there are vices of the sex (lust) greed, anger, ego, attachment was in every soul. Then in order to transform from the black to the beautiful the supreme soul comes and teaches them spiritual knowledge and RajYoga. By this power of yoga he is again becoming white i.e. pure and the owner of Heaven.
The supreme soul in order to give this knowledge enters into the final birth’s body of Sri Krishna who had taken births in different forms and names. The final birth in which supreme soul enters is called the Praja Pita Brahma. It is said that the Sri Krishna is stealing butter but he is the prince of Satyug where there is no want of nothing. Actually it is symbol to show that the soul of Sri Krishna through
secretes Purusharth attaining the butter of world’s pre. It is also shown that Sri Krishna stealthily takes away the dress of Gopies. It is the most less beautiful corruption happened in Sastras. It is to show that the supreme soul by giving us knowledge at the end of iron age by which we are becoming soul conscious i.e. being free from the ‘dress’ of the soul called body.
Sri Krishna is known as ‘Shyam Sunder’ i.e. half dark and handsome, handsome means vice less shyam means vicious. It is said that once Sri Krishna jumped into a black river to retrieve a ball when a serpent bit him and he turned dark.
In fact it stands for the fair, worship worthy deities who plunged into vices during Copper Age and became black i.e. vicious. The meaning of Sri Krishna killing the serpent and bringing black the ball is that when God came and purified his soul through knowledge and yoga then he got back the sovereignty of Paradise.’
There are stories about the flute music of Sri Krishna and dance of Gopa Gopies. It is not the case of a flute made of bamboo but it is the symbol of supreme soul through the final birth’s body of Sri Krishna’s soul gibing us the ‘Flute music’ – Spiritual Knowledge. By hearing this flute music we gopa gopies forget everything, dot detached from the body to the original soul form and enjoys real happiness.
This is the mystery of Janmashtamy.
Hence, now we have to look inside ourselves and check whether we are becoming like Sri Krishna. We have to not just see the tabloids of Sri Krishna but also check ourselves inside. We have to not just light colorful bulbs but also light up our souls. We should celebrate Janmashtami in this way, and become like Sri Krishna.
The soul o Sri Krishna after doing the purusharth and becoming Sri Krishna is coming again into this earth, where all will be new, New world, New sky and Golden building…. All life filled with the eternal bless and everything gives happiness. Each and everyone will have clear healthy mind, body and pure soul to go there we should also have 16 degree completely vice less. Divine, mannered, non-violent for that you can contact the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University which is established Golden age (Haven) by Supreme Soul where the Sri Krishna’s soul is also becoming pure beautiful from the black impure, from the worshiper to worshiped. You can also go there and become identical to the Sri Krishna and gain happiness of the coming Golden Age (Heaven). This is our Good wish for you on the day of Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

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