Friday, August 5, 2011


British’s ruled over India for about 200 to 250 years. During their regime Indian’s has to act and conduct according to their dictates and so Indians had to their dictates and so Indians had to suffer a lot on that account. In everybody’s mind, then there was a longing for liberation from foreign yoke. They believed that only there by they could live in peace. During those testing times national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak, Pt.Nehru, Subhash Bose, Lala Lajpatrai and others stood up to face the challenge, and gird up their lions to secure freedom from foreign rule, and ventured to launch Freedom Movement which ultimately broke the shackles of foreign rule, and India eventually emerged as a politically Independent Nation. That Historically memorable day goes down in history as 15th August 1947.
When we speak of freedom we naturally mean freedom from all discomforting bondages, freedom from tumult and turmoil, from sorrows and sufferings, from affliction and agony, from panic and peacelessness. Society free from all these negative aspect breathes an air of happiness. Society endowed with real freedom enjoys affluence in all respects. It enjoys health, wealth and happiness in real sense. Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of establishing RamRajya, following Independence, remained a pipe dream. Post Independent India depicts a somber and sorrowful picture of Indian Society Indeed; in as much as we see steep rise in Ideological differences, Linguistic differences and alround discord and discontent. The entire nation is torn with battles and bickering and is in the grip of chaos and disorder. Does RamRajya conceive of such a scenario? It is a sad comment on the nation that Indians could not enjoy the real fruits of Independence. POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE has led to wantonness and greed of the lowest order among those at the helm of affairs. Let us dive deep into the problem and find out the reason for such a paradoxical situation.
Looked at spiritual angle not only Indians but every human soul of the world is under the thralldom of five vices symbolized by Maya ravana. Maya ravana sought entry into human soul because of body consciousness. This is the root cause of sorrow and suffering every body condemns vices but nobody is able to get rid of the viciousinfluences under which he is smarting. Bondages which cause sorrows and sufferings are 1.Bondage of body. 2. Bondage of vices likes sex.list, greed, anger, ego and attachment 3. Bondage of human tendencies and proclivities 4. Bondage of environment 5. Of mind 6. Of body related items and bodily relations 7. Of customs and conventions.
Because of these bondage man does not succeed in getting what he cherishes. Sufferings and sorrows are on the increase due to these bondages. Problem is how to get rid of them. Release from these bondages is real freedom. God Father Supreme Soul does his divine work of bringing real freedom on this earth. Presently he is doing that great work by descending down to this planet. He has reincarnated for releasing human souls from various bondages and thereby to establish RamRajya on this earth again. Incomplete dream of Gandhiji is now emerging into reality. That world will be free from any kind of
bondage. As a king so the subjects will be happy. It will be the world of one religion, one language and one family everybody will be hale and hearty. There will be peace and prosperity. In order to enjoy the benefits of such a RamRajya one has to establish connection and relation with God Father, the Supreme Soul and there by to rid one self of bondages.
On this August day of Independence therefore, let us take a pledge to rid ourselves and the world of these agonizing bondages. This is how we should celebrate Independence Day in true sense.

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