Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anger begins with folly:BK BHAGWAN BHAI MOUNT ABU

Anger begins with folly:BK BHAGWAN BHAI MOUNT ABU
Times News & Rewari

Anger destroys conscience. Starting from the beginning of anger foolish to go in repentance ends. It arrived from Mount Abu Prajapita Brahmakumari Eshwariey University Seakendra God brother held local Brahmkumarij Krodhmukh life as a keynote speaker was speaking on the topic.

He said the anger of many diseases that lead to tension and stress. Anger because of the concentration of the mind is over. So the mind becomes disturbed. He said the fire in anger, telling the fire burn itself and others still burning
What measures

They way to overcome anger, stating that the practice of Raja Yoga can be found to control anger. Father divine wisdom decided for it by the mind to remember, their chant is the Raja Yoga.

Sanjivani herb stress is considered positive for salvation. Positive thinking is the source of spirituality. Kamlesh sister that senses control actions can be relaxed. Captain Ram Singh also addressed by the program.

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