Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Raja Yoga is the spiritual discipline Tayogee Brahmkumar BHAGWAN BHAI

Raja Yoga is the spiritual discipline Tayogee Prajapita Brahmakumari Eshwariey University Brahmkumar BK BHAGWAN BHAI Arrived from Mount Abu, the local B God brother
Raja Yoga is the spiritual discipline Tayogee Brahmkumar BHAGWAN BHAI

Prajapita Brahmakumari God brother arrived from Mount Abu Eshwariey University held at the local Brahmkumarij Seakendra Krodhmukh life as keynote speaker was speaking on the topic. Prajapita Brahma Kumari Divine ï 7-day yoga camp by the University continues. He said that Raja Yoga Raja Yoga camp is the name of your own relationship with God. Raja Yoga is the spiritual discipline of mind and intelligence. The ideas of impulse and momentum to Margantrikaran their purification process. Raja Yoga Shuuddh person values physical and spiritual health benefits by creating and uplifting Charitrik name. At the same time the opposite of life is the art of maintaining abstinence and busy conditions. Spirituality means to know yourself. Prerema small word, but its great importance in life. Resources are growing, but life is becoming worth less. Uanhoananne that God loves everyone. God is like the sun. Rupee rays emanating love them all equally but have to. He said that peace is within us, it also needs to learn to feel the same. God does not hurt anyone but looks way Hae. , Anger, greed, infatuation and ego have abandoned the vision of God. Raja Yoga practice the positive changes in their lives shared.
He said the natural Raja Yoga Spirit - God is a simple solution to meeting Tue. This regular practice of Raja Yoga meditation human knowledge and their inner wisdom, joy and wellbeing to be exposed. The suffering of the worldly life, suffering and problems and the time your self-confidence is based on maintaining balance and achieve success in life can.

He said the significance of human life and is essential for success Satsang. Good luck to Satsang to have a life becomes, the Kusanagaty Nnerkamay life is. Man Sadasatsang get good values. Meaningful values are the same, the philosophy of the great men with. The lead company of the saints - get freedom from the sufferings of death. Benevolent spirit should work, give the fruit God himself.

He said the anger of many diseases that lead to tension and stress. Anger because of the concentration of the mind is over. So the mind becomes disturbed. He said the fire in anger, telling the fire burn itself and others still burning anger destroys wisdom. Starting from the beginning of anger foolish to go in repentance ends. What measures

They way to overcome anger, stating that the practice of Raja Yoga can be found to control anger. Father divine wisdom decided for it by the mind to remember, their chant is the Raja Yoga.

Sanjivani herb stress is considered positive for salvation. Positive thinking is the source of spirituality. Kamlesh sister that senses control actions can be relaxed.

Anger in itself is poison and infection. Anger, loss of human life is paramount. Wrath of the dark irony, the flame of fire and death is nettle. More than half the world's problems, causing anger. Wrath of the darkness can not overcome the thousand lamps. Angry man ten times more power to come is the perception. Go off it goes to the infirmary. Anger as weakness in old age is. Stained dull glow of anger full of heart and brain makes. Fifteen minutes from the wrath of the body is impaired as much power as the power is after nine hours of hard labor. Anger conscience, knowledge, wisdom is destroyed. Wrath of the time with eyes closed is opened lips. Subversive sentiment anger is the most deadly health terms. Harvard Medical School researchers seventy-two hours prior to serious heart attack in search of the major attitude found only anger. Physical sensation of anger or mental suffering, inconvenience is caused. Hunger, deprivation and injustice, discrimination, anger grows. Wrath of the loss is the wrong decision, social status decreases. Anger arising thoughts, is creditable to avoid situations. The mental state is in the same way the idea has come. Unlike the circumstances causing anger. Failure comes anger. Ascribe blame to the innocent is also a factor. Selfishness, ambition, anger at living environment is created incomplete. Anger Sanampuarvka come to consider the root cause is at half angry. By exploring the reasons by introspection prevention efforts may be less anger. Meditation, silence, anger does not stay on the mental balance due. Sacrifice of those who do Krihhnt selfish when comes the anger. Evaluates the merit disqualification, to tell the innocent guilty symbol becomes angry. Lie comes anger. In Krodhagne eyes burn and keep the ability to consume others. Eye tells the effect of anger, anger to avoid the silence in which the disorder is larger than the other gods can not ever. Pride that the man can not. Arrogant people do not respect much.

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