Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who am I

Who am I! All have discussed this topic | Veda Purana Gita Bible Quran is confirmed in all of the soul | spirit on how the body lives in what? Etc etc answer questions by the method given in Brahamakumari want to tell it! The essence of the University of Prajapita Brahamakumari divine "I am a soul" | Now Just Let highlights | What does it mean to say that we see with the eyes, the mouth speaks, listen to ears, and senses by all who Bhan is, he is the soul | soul I'll live in the brain | brain and body as a place where there are all Control | Ahiँ Ssञchalane do with your body | Now is the nature of the soul? According to BK flame spirit form, which is subtle Shukshamati a hair of the Shiare Hazarwa part, which is oval | Azar immortal soul is indestructible | This means we have today, tomorrow and tomorrow will be used | Now Yogashne s own You try to convince the soul s |

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