Thursday, December 30, 2010

बी के भगवान भाई शांतिवन ब्रह्माकुमारी

Raja Yoga is great need in the modern era of learning
Raja Yoga is great need in this modern era of learning, because each person in your life, happiness - the desire for peace and he knows that comfort only to physical finest Peahँuch been overseas yet, but come to learn yoga in India. They know that yoga is the only means by which mental stress and body - to feel pleasure - is the realization of peace and strength. But a matter of regret that India etc, in the name of the ancient Raja Yoga or just physical postures Ahoyog wide range of today are taught the same. Would definitely benefit them at the physical level, but deep powers of the mind to awaken from the Raja Yoga gives success. Shakthyyashali mind to make the Raja Yoga is the only requirement. Everything is started from the mind. Aose than 80 percent are generated Aareerki disease is caused by mental stress. Raja Yoga taught here is that none of these physical postures are not mentioned, but every thing Amanovotञanika approach based on spirituality and is practically explained. Raja Yoga Yoga is a seamless and global darling that anyone can practice. Of whatever race, creed, color, age, occupation, country, etc. are

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