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18th January, the Golden Date of Human History

18th January, the Golden Date of Human History
Eighteenth January, 1969 is the most important day in the history of human kind as it is the day of
ascension of Prajapita Brahma to the realm of angelic world to become Adi Dev, the subtle deity
who guides the human kind to transform themselves from human beings to divine beings or deities.
With the transformation of the human soul to its original deity form, the whole creation changes
from Iron Age to Golden Age, i.e. from hell to heaven. All these changes happen during the auspicious
Confluence Age which started in 1937 with the divine descend of incorporeal God Shiva into the
corporeal body of Dada Lekh Raj, a pious diamond merchant at his 60th year of life. Dada Lekh Raj
was later renamed as Prajapita Brahma by the Supreme Father, God Shiva.
The Beginning of Rudra Gita Gyan Yagya: The Supreme Teacher of all human souls used to
descend to His corporeal medium, Prajapita Brahma every day, morning and evening to teach Godly
knowledge, and Rajyoga meditation. About 400 sisters and brothers of all ages from all levels of the
society in Hyderabad, Sindh (now in Pakistan) used to listen to the divine versions known as Murli.
This spiritual congregation at Dada Lekh Raj’s residence was known as “Om Mandali” as this used
to start with the chanting of “OM”. Many among the listeners used to pass on to a stage of trance
and enjoy the scenes of Golden Age in this stage. Dada himself had several trance visions that
prepared him to become the human medium of incorporeal God Shiva. During 1936 he had his first
vision of four-armed Vishnu a subtle deity who pronounced that Dada was also like him. Dada Lekh
Raj became very contemplative after this vision. He went to Banaras where, while sitting in
contemplation, he had the vision of destruction of the old world through atomic war, civil war and
natural calamities. It is worth highlighting that at this time nobody had any idea about the tremendous
destructive power of the atom bomb which was first used during second world war in 1942. This
was followed by another vision of the forthcoming Golden Age, wherein human souls looking like
divine stars descended on earth and transformed themselves into beautiful gods and goddesses.
During this vision Dada herd an ethereal voice which said that he was responsible to bring such a
world on earth. Following these visions Dada Lekh Raj was convinced that God has chosen him as
an instrument for some great task, and he readily submitted himself to the Supreme as His chosen
instrument. Dada Lekh Raj went back to his jeweler shop in Calcutta and promptly handed over his
flourishing business to his partner and returned to Hyderabad where he started a Satsang which
later came to be known as “Om Mandali.” Dada Lekh Raj formed a trust comprised of women only
and pledged all his movable and immovable property worth millions of rupees in 1937 to this trust.
With the growth of Om Mandali to over 300 residents, it was moved to Karachi where it functioned
until 1950 in spite of Karachi coming under Pakistan which came into existence with the partition
of India in 1947. The strict spiritual discipline, divine code of conduct, high thinking and simple life
style, combined with intense Rajyoga meditation transformed this group into a formidable army of
Shiva Shaktis and Pandavas. This divine family of Supreme Father Shiva moved to Mount Abu,
Rajasthan, India in 1950 and got registered as an NGO called: “Prajapita Brahma Kumaris
Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya.”
Spiritual Services through Shiva Shaktis and Pandavas: Prajapita Brahma and
Jagadamba Saraswati are the progenitors of the human family tree or Kalpa tree as they are the two
leaves that sprouted from the eternal seed, God Shiva. As such they are very respectfully addressed
Pitashree and Mateshwari. Baba and Mamma nurtured the children (Yagya Vatsas) with great love
providing both spiritual and physical sustenance, enabling them to inculcate divine virtues, spiritual
code of conduct and moral values. After intense Tapsya for fourteen years Baba sent Shiva Shaktis
(Brahma Kumaris ) out side Yagya for spiritual service of their relations and contacts in particular
and the public in general. As a result of their services Brahma Kumari Ashrams came up in different
cities of India.
In 1954, Rajyogini, Brahma Kumari Prakashmani led a delegation to the Second World
Religious Congress in Japan from where they toured Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia
for six months spreading the fragrance of spirituality and Rajyoga meditation. The success of this
visit was widely publicized in the print media in India and abroad. Thus Brahma Kumaris got
recognition in their own land on the basis of their success in foreign land. Brahma Kumaris’ Rajyoga
centres were established in different parts of the country through the efforts of Shiva Shaktis and
Pandavas under the inspiring guidance of Brahma Baba and Mamma or Aadi Dev and Aadi Devi.
The Significance of 18th January: The head quarter of Brahma Kumaris (BK) in Mt.Abu
is called “Madhuban” that literally means - the forest of honey. Any visitor to BK head quarter can
feel the significance of this name - as the Brahma Kumaris or daughters of Brahma and Brahma
Kumars, the sons of Brahma are ascetic like the Sanyasis of yore sitting in Tapsya in the jungles of
Bharat, but are very lively and sweet like honey in their interactions. Such live models of divine
virtues and powers have been skillfully crafted by the Supreme Father, God Shiva through His
chosen medium, Prajapita Brahma who is endearingly called BABA or Pitashree . Brahma Baba
was an embodiment of the seven basic attributes of souls and the Supreme Soul - knowledge, peace,
love, joy, purity, power and bliss. Consequently, divine virtues and powers were brimming in him
and any one coming in contact with him could discern human and spiritual values in his interactions.
We can say, Brahma Baba is the precious sample of the perfect human being in the show-case of the
Creator - God Shiva. Madhuban is God’s workshop where such perfect samples are crafted.
On 18th January, 1969 Brahma Baba, the first perfect sample was transferred to the showcase
- the subtle world (Brahma Puri) by the creator so that the human-kind can be inspired to emulate
the “Great, Great Grand Father or Adam. This day reminds every BK of the titanic personality of
Brahma Baba who is the commandant of the Spiritual Salvation Army. The BKs celebrate this day
every year as “Remembrance Day” and re- dedicate themselves to follow the footsteps of Pitashree
Brahma. His footsteps are numerous as he has been leading the humanity to its perfection through
his slogan:”Nar aise karni kare jo nar se Shri Narayan bane, Nari aise karni kare jo nari se Shri
Lakshmi bane”since 1937. Brahma Baba actually demonstrated through his practical life every
tenet of spirituality that can transform human beings to divine beings or deities. He conferred spiritual
powers through his elevated thoughts, knowledge through words and virtues through deeds.
Here are ten important qualities of Brahma Baba that can, when imbibed and applied diligently,
take any one to the state of perfection to become a deity in the forthcoming Golden-aged Bharat
called Paradise, Behist, Jannat or Swarg:
• Generosity: The most elevated form of generosity is Bababa’s ability to ignore the negativity in
others and bringing out the best in them, thus giving them the opportunity to advance in life.
• Caring and Nurturing Nature: Brahma Baba was an ever caring and nurturing mother-father to
one and all. He was aware of his role as the Great-Great Grandfather and gave nurturance to entire
humanity as his grand children.
• Well-wisher of all: Baba was always filled with best wishes for all without any discrimination on
the basis of cast, faith, gender, education and social status.
• Giving Respect to all considering the self as a Humble Instrument of God Shiva: This
sterling quality of Baba endeared him any one who came in contact with him.
• Care-free Emperor: Brahma Baba had unflinching faith in God Shiva, the Almighty benefactor
of all so that he could remain care-free in all trying circumstances.
• Being forthcoming and aloof at the same time: Baba had the unique capability to be available
to one and all, and being immersed in sweet remembrance of Shiva Baba simultaneously.
• Being Detached from Own Body and its Relations: Brahma Baba was able to stay in deep soulconsciousness
continually, and that enabled him to be detached from his own body and bodily
• Being an Embodiment of Purity: The power of Purity was very much visible in all his actions
at the level of thought, word and deed.
• Staying in Bodiless Stage while being an Embodied soul: Brahma Baba literally followed
Shiva Baba’s direction to stay in bodiless stage (Videh Avastha) continually and perform actions
through the body while staying in that stage.
• Ever Ready: Brahma Baba used to tell his spiritual progeny that they should also be ever ready to
leave the perishable body instantly on the call of Shiva Baba. that will be possible only when the
soul is free of any attachments.
Let us all take a pledge to become a photocopy of Brahma Baba, in other words let us strive to
become Master Brahma on this Remembrance Day and thus hasten the task of world
transformation through self-transformation. Let us invest all our treasures - thoughts, time,
knowledge, virtues, powers, good-wishes, relations, contacts and wealth in this supreme

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