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The state of universal peace is that state of the universe in which elements and forces of Nature are in perfect harmony with and lend best comfort to man, and the relations of every individual with all others are characterized, unexceptionably, by inborn sincerity goodness, honesty, natural cordiality, love and joy. Society, in this sate, is not torn asunder by any kind of strife based on caste, color, creed, regional or national boundaries, languages, religious beliefs or antagonistic political or economic systems. There is, in that society, only one language and one over-all sovereignty, and all people live as one big family, leading a life of utmost piety, and yet there is no formal church, or any kind of religious preaching, or any scriptures or preceptors. People, by nature, are fully disciplined, self-controlled and virtuous. They have child-like innocence and purity, and there is neither any written law nor any low-enforcing police-force nor any judiciary and jails. Neither is man slave to flesh nor to gluttony nor has he hate and anger. He leads a life, having balance of love and law and is close to nature.

It is His promise, recorded in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita and there are prophesies recorded in other is utter irreligiousness, unrighteousness and viciousness, and then He would come to reveal again the original and true Godly Knowledge and Yoga. The Christians believe in the coming of Mastery Buddha. Some say that he would come as Kalki. Similarly, other religions prophesise the second coming of the Founder of their respective religion on someone empowered by Him. Surely, the Founders of every religion will come. But let us understand it clearly that they would come again at their respective time as given in the wheel of Time. Now, when there is utmost degeneration, it is the time for God and He alone is capable of doing it.. The present world also was created by Him and it was He who created Adam, Brahma or first Menu. Now also, He is revealing spiritual Knowledge and Yoga and, by means of it, He has created again Adam or Brahma and his sons and daughters. It is our sacred duty to inform all about the gracious advent of Him, the Supreme Father, Teacher and Preceptor offal souls. Anyone may agree with us and recognize the truth and have an uplifting experience or may deride and ridicule. It is his or her choice.
We know that announcing the coming of God, the Redeemer, is to make the biggest-ever claim, yet the compelling truth and experience urge one to give vent and one becomes helpless to keep totally silent, for it would be dereliction of duty.
God the Father, speaks souls, the children
“My dear children! I am re-establishing the Heavenly Kingdom where everyone, without any exception, would be healthy, wealthy and happy. That world would be free from hatred, violence, injustice and dishonesty. There, a cow and a lion can sit together without any fear or enmity. The environment there would be lush green, yellow and clean. There will be no political boundaries nor would be difference of language. The world would be one undivided family. There would not be religions, based on birth, country or books. All would live a life of absolute purity and would be stabilized in the universal ‘religion’ (dharma), based on soul-consciousness and vicelessness…..”
“My beloved children, I have come to give your God Fatherly inheritance, lasting over 2500 years in a world free from any kind of calamity. Children, though you called me as one calls a Father, you did not know what inheritance I bestow as Father. So, I have come myself to tell you about it and enable you to inherit it from me…”
“Children, I am revealing new knowledge and also Rajyoga, based on this new Knowledge. For establishing a new world order, new Knowledge is necessary. Now listen to me. You may compare and contrast this with whatever you have already learnt and will see the vast difference. Children, if what had already been told during the last two eras were God’s Knowledge, then there would already have been the Golden Age.”
“Dear Children, I know that you do not wish to commit any sin or have any vice. Many a time, you have decided to give up anger and other vices. But your past tendencies compel you to do these again. It is because the soul has become weak and cannot control itself. So, there is need to know your real self, to have self-respect and to have positive thinking. This can be done by the power of Rajyoga, i.e. Medition. You must now spend some time and pay attention for empowerment of the self through Yoga. This is the need of the Time.”

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