Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Bk Bhagwan, Shantivan

When a man forgets his duties or says he forgets as to what humanity means and engrosses him in this immortal world and works up his devilish sanskars being under the grip of vices after forgetting his divine sanskars. At this time only Nirakar Param Pita Paramatma Supreme Sour Shiva who is redeemer of all incarnates on this earth and adopts us- those souls who are wandering like orphans in this miserable peace less vicious world of thorns.

In reality there is a deep relation or intense love between soul and supreme soul but when soul forgets himself – his own self-existence, it gets disconnected from the supreme soul. Throughout the day he only remembers or says rather engrossed in his business and belongings worldly matters, prosperity and relations due to which he becomes victim of five vices – sex lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Due to these vices he becomes peace less and when supreme soul aftermath on this earth imparts knowledge and teaches yoga, certain selected souls remunerate themselves and secure their divine luck for many future births but certain souls being under the grip of their old vicious sanskars – leave the company of supreme soul times even after recognizing him in reality. Really since when we recognize the supreme soul and become his children, it is necessary for us to follow divine virtues after forgetting all what is old means old habits, sanskars. If old sanskars do come again and again in your memory, you would not be able to enjoy and experience the communion of your soul with supreme soul and results would be that you would be forced to return the old world. If we would continue to be influenced by old sanskars it means we are kicking our good fortune before us. There is a story to illustrate this point: -

One a king saw a maid beggar and she being very beautiful, king liked her and brought her to his kingdom. She was naturally adorned with kingly royal dress and ornaments after removing her old littered clothes and she became his beloved queen. She began to enjoy all richly dishes of various types viz of 36 verities and very good arrangement for living with quite a good number of maidservants at her disposal. But it is seen even God bestow anybody to the full extent but if his bag is horn, he will not be able to got anything – it means if once mind does not deceit what every good is given or imparted he will not be able to get or retain it similarity that maid beggar was bestowed the live of a queen by the God but she was always unhappy. Though the king asked her several times as to what she requires further to keep her happy but she always kept silence. Despite having all comforts, she always felt uneasy. She always like the life of a beggar and only felt happy in that made of living due to her old sanskars which became very forceful having lived that type of life since childhood. Therefore when having lived that type of life since childhood. Therefore when went for sleep, she will change her kingly dress to that of a beggar in her room being alone. She will put the pieces of bread at different places by the side of wall and then beg for each piece of bread like a beggar and felt happy in that way of life. There are my old Sanskar, my own nature and due to which the king removed from his place.
Similarly Parampita Shiva himself adopts us and bestows divine kindly sanskars to remove the old sanskars of beggary. Even then due to force of our old sanskars and nature under the influence of sex-lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego we live a life like that a beggar against our wishes. This is the only reason that we do not experience that type of real peace of being in communion of God, which we should in his company. Again we are attracted towards the old world despite the God has adopted us. Therefore it is very essential that we must change our old sanskars because now god is bestowing us the life of a Deity from that of a beggar. Before us he has opened all his treasures and powers rather has willed to us. Now what is required is that we should be always with him. We ourselves have to remove our old sanskars.


1. Necessity of practicing of his own original Atmik Swaroop(Soul consciousness):- To change our old sanskars, more we would contemplate ourselves as soul – a point of light – a quite separate identity from body, the more we would remain free from the effect of body consciousness and its bodily relations and worldly materials. When we remain in the stage of soul consciousness, we experience purity, peace and prosperity resulting a constant communion with supreme soul – God naturally old sanskars will change. Therefore, it is more essential to practice and remain in the soul conscious stage.

2. Necessity of studing divine knowledge daily: When we would hear the divine versions in the spiritual class daily, old sanskars will change very soon automatically. As by opening a clean water tap in bucket of dirty water, you will find clear water after some time.

3. Necessity to follow the divine principles in life: - In order to change our old sanskars the supreme should has taught us certain divine principles as to how we should prepare acts in daily life, which we have to follow. For example what food we have to take, what we have to drink what we have to clothe as to at what time we have to get up in the morning, as to what we have to think, see, speak how to sleep means how to follow daily life. For all these there are certain divine rule and directions and if we follow them our old sanskars will change easily.

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