Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Strange it may sound but it’s a fact that Shiv Baba (Incorporeal God Shiva) blessed us with a cradle of spiritual love in the form of Brahma. God created us through Brahma, who, in a way, is our spiritual mother. That is why we are popularly known as Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. This divine mystery is known only to Brahma, the spiritual mother and the children, and to none else.
This is why, in temples we chant aloud tum maat-pita hum balak tere…you are our mother and father and we are your children. We simply say ‘tum maat-pita’. So, Brahma was assigned both the roles of Brahma Maa and Pita Brahma. Brahma Baba (Pitashri) called all brothers and sisters as ‘sweet children,’ ‘lovely children’, ‘Jewel of light’, ‘my soul children’, ‘my serviceable children’, and ‘my crowning glory’, etc., etc. He used to instil a drive in every child. He never ever talked of any weakness of a child. He effected a change in all of them, and transformed then into mighty souls. He used to observe qualities of all and filled all of them with divine virtues and powers. I remember one incident when a sister, who was a centre in-charge, complained against a brother to Baba. She said that the brother didn’t obey her and neither did he do the service; she requested Baba to make him understand but then Brahma is the one who bestows boons to us and is the one who decides our fate. So he took upon describing the qualities of the brother and declared him good and serviceable in future. He, in fact, lavished praise on him to such an extent that the brother himself revealed and admitted his fault. It all came as a boon from Baba who had already bestowed upon him so many boons. Initially, there were many kids among the surrendered inmates. Almost 400 brothers and sisters, coming from different families and culture, enjoyed the cradle of Baba. Nowadays, not even four-five members of a family can live together in harmony.
No mother in this world can afford to listen to the complaints or weaknesses of her children. Similarly, Pitashri Brahma, in the guise of Brahma Maa, used to extol the qualities of children. Like a jeweller who discerns and picks up the flawless diamond, Brahma Baba, too, had the ability of weighing the qualities of diamonds (children) in the form of souls.
As a surgeon administers anaesthesia to a patient before taking him to the operation table to make him immune to pain, so did Pitashri Brahma, lavishing good wishes, great feelings and love before giving someone a caution or two.
Sacrifice: Despite having everything, Pitashri Brahma Baba’s life was full of sacrifice. He lived a simple life. But he never talked about his sacrifice. Despite repeated requests by his spiritual children, he never liked to indulge in luxury of a new building. Baba used to say, “I make this building for you children with great love and affection.” Now that hut is vastly improved. Earlier it used to be a simple hut made of palm leaves where Baba used to meet and talk to his children. He used to ask them about their well-being and used to take them around his garden where children were fed grapes and anjeer with Baba’s own hand. Even I had the honour and pleasure to stay with Baba in corporeal form. I was fortunate enough to have received the sustenance right from Baba in the guise of Mother-Father. It is to be noted that Baba’s bathroom, too, was at a distance. But he never thought twice to reach there even during winter season in biting cold or heavy rain. Baba continued his tapasya at the same spot till he breathed his last. That spot has now become a sort of pilgrimage. After a glimpse of this place, some poet has rightly observed: paharon-Vrikshon Patton se madhur fariyaad aati hai, madhuban ke har kan se tumhari yaad aati hai (all the leaves, trees of Madhuban reminds us of your sweet memory)
Tapasya: Pitashri Brahma himself used to conduct Amritvela-meditation. Every aspect of his personality made us remember his tapasya and service. Baba, during any of his services, used to teach us how to strike a balance between remembrance and service. Though Pitashri used to meet us quite often and talked with us freely but amidst all these, he used to take us on an altogether different plane– an unexpressed mental state and magna awastha which can be called as trance. Baba often advised us to have mental connection with Shiv Baba even while taking us to a stroll all alone or during some work. Sometimes he would inspire us to spin swadarshan chakra which can be understood as self-realisation. In fact, Baba used to take care of all things--big or small. His intention was that the kind of work he did should also be emulated by others.
Be in his observation, his words, or his deeds, everything reflected his tapasya, and tapasya only. Even his sleep was full of tapasya. In other words, his time, breath and commitment everything was full of tapasya. He used to say, “If I sleep in remembrance of Shiv Baba, I would be serving through my face”. It is most living example of this.
Be Nirakari, Nirwikari and Nirhankari (Incorporeal, Viceless and Egoless): During the times of Brahma Baba, we never felt like breaking the silence once we saw him in silent frame of mind or lost in meditation. Once, when we entered in his room early in the morning, we saw Baba sitting in meditation. The ambience of his room was divine and energising. I was all alone near Baba at that time. After a while, Baba called ‘my sweet child’ and asked me of my well-being. Even today if I remember the place, the meditating posture of Pitashri Brahma--divine and other worldly—instantly flashes across my mind.

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