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Attachment is like a disease for the aspirants on spiritual path. It is an acquired habit. When a child is born, first he develops his love and attachment towards his mother and then towards his father. Slowly, attachment towards other relations-- brother, sister, friend, aunt and uncle is developed. He calls them “mine”.
Attachment is different from spiritual love. Mother is the primary caretaker of a child. The child requires consistent loving response to his needs for food, sleep and comfort. It is the process of bonding between the child and primary caretaker – the mother. As the child grows, so does the bond of trust with the mother. This is the love which has a lifelong effect on growth, development, trust and relationship. It is the duty of the parents to give love and affection to the children so that they may grow to be the human beings with divine qualities. But love is converted to attachment if too much bodily love is given. For any small illness, if the mother cries throughout the night, gives a sleepless night to others, then it is attachment. Sometimes the father wants that his son should be an engineer, but the child has no inclination towards science or engineering, then tug of war between the father and son starts which may continue further. This is the attachment of the father which he should avoid and allow his son a freedom of choice
The attachment towards materials also attracts him. He claims “It is my home; my scooter; my car”. Once he thinks ‘mine’, the attachment increases. In a lifespan of a few years, one hundred and thousand things are attached to life. He forgets that his body is not his own, it is given to him by his parents. Also when he departs from this world, he leaves his bodily apron here. All the materials as well as relations are left behind in this world. Therefore it is said that “You have come with bare hands and you have to go empty handed.” Alexander, the Great, before his death had asked his friends that when he would die, they should take his body through his kingdom with both of his hands open and empty indicating that Alexander, the Great had conquered the whole world, but he could not take anything with him when he died.
Attachment turns love into fear and peace into anger. It distorts our attitude and action towards others and blocks our divine energy from radiation. To get rid of attachment, it is necessary to shed body-consciousness and to remain soul-conscious. Body-consciousness brings waste thoughts that waste our precious time. It is necessary to check the self up to what extent you have controlled your thoughts. Even ordinary thoughts cannot make you free from attachment. By simple walking one can reach the goal late, but by flying one can reach in a twinkle of eye. Ordinary thought can make one tired; one cannot enjoy the beauty of flying, the green firmament and soothing air. It is said that idle mind is devil’s workshop. Therefore, one should have powerful thoughts. He should remember that it is the Confluence Age where the blessing and guidance of Almighty Supreme Father are available at hand. Our thoughts should be embedded with divine love and positive attitude so that waste thoughts can be deleted.
Regarding time, Supreme Father says that a fraction of a second in this Confluence Age is equivalent to one year in the world cycle. It is also said that time and tides wait for none. As everyone knows that if a student does not prepare well for his examination, he has to lose one year. If an athlete in Olympic game is trailed by a fraction of millisecond, he cannot win the Gold medal. Time is so precious that one should not waste it. One should remain soul-conscious while performing actions in drama, acquiring divine virtues, and keeping in view the secrets of karma.
The spider procreates the net, but it becomes imprisoned in its own net and dies in that net as it cannot come out from the net it procreated. Attachment is like the net, once engrossed in attachment, one cannot come out of that and cannot walk on spiritual path.
Attachment to one’s relatives or any articles, cloth or food makes one’s life immensely sorrowful. Reality of life will come to the forefront when the demise of some near and dear ones would occur due to accident or disease. The mental bond between two persons causes the attachment and they join in the three-legged race. They cannot win the race and the beauty of life is lost in the desert. Attachment towards the caste and community or language or nation causes the people to divide themselves into the fighting fractions and thereby making the whole world as a boiling cauldron.
But all these are called attachments which work like the AIDS in the spiritual uplift. All know what AIDS is. It is a dreaded disease--Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. An estimated 32.7 million people are now living with this dreaded disease worldwide and World Health Organisation has reported that AIDS has killed more than 25 million people since it was first recognised on June 5, 1981 making it most destructive epidemic in recorded history. In 2005 alone, AIDS claimed an estimated 2.4-3.3 million lives, of which 570,000 were children. This disease spreads through the virus named Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). When a patient comes to know that he is suffering from this disease, he counts the days for his burial in the coffin. Life seems to him of no value; it may be asserted that he dies from the very day he hears about this disease. Though antiretroviral treatment, medication may delay the death, it remains only a hope against hope for survival.
Attachments of various sorts gradually detract the spiritual aspirant from the spiritual path. Neither can he concentrate, nor can he meditate on Supreme Soul. All these empty him inside. When he sits for meditation, first the bodily relations will be flashed in his mind’s eyes and then the material which he loves most will come to his intellect. He may seat in the lotus seat, but the time he spends goes in vain. Neither his time is successful nor are vices through meditation destroyed. He may claim to be a yogi of 40 years, but the loads of vices still are on the head. As in AIDS, the virus eats away the strength, power and vigour of the man every moment; these attachments also eat away the power of soul day-by-day. Mind is hollow; intellect is filled with “me and mine.” What he has promised to Supreme Soul that he will offer his body, mind and wealth on Godly service are forgotten. His attachment towards body and money distance him from spiritual goal. He even does not get any time for self introspection. He becomes the prisoner of his own deeds like the spider.
A South Indian story appropriately describes how greed and attachment cause a monkey to be the prisoner. The people cut a small hole in a coconut just large enough for a monkey to put its hand in. Next they fix the cocoanut in the tree and fill it with a sweet. The monkey smells the sweet and finds that its fist does not fit through the hole. The last thing the monkey will think of is to let go of the sweet and it holds itself prisoner. Nothing could be easier for human beings who come and catch it.
Let us shed the chain of attachment which is the barrier on the spiritual path and get light and might in this Age of Confluence and valiantly tread this spiritual path.

(Brahma Baba - The Walking Tree - The Man In-Charge of a Secret Army)
–B.K. David, Paignton, England
The tree stands outside, as usual, as always. It cannot come in out of the rain as we can. It cannot sit down and have a cup of tea as we can when we are out in the cold for too long. This huge, elegant, noble tree inside the hospital grounds stands proud each and every day; each and every night, giving and giving. This tree gives and also takes. It takes all the rubbish and pollution we all create in the air, takes it and turns it round into something good – fresh air!
This tree takes a problem and transforms it. It gives out health, beauty, life. It looks to be doing nothing other than just standing there blowing in the wind occasionally. But there’s a secret going on before our eyes, and we can’t even see it; such is the remarkable industry and business of a tree. You would not even be able to read this if it were not for the tree.
How many things in life would we not do if it were not for the tree? Read, learn, write, and of course, without trees, we’d all be dead! Trees, like sugar, make the world go round.
The grandeur of this ancient tree is just too immense to explain – it’s like a great, great, great, great grandfather looking over us. This tree is just so wise all of the time. This tree is never wrong. To stand under this tree next to its trunk and look up through its branches makes one feel privileged. Never mind standing under the tree, most cannot even see the tree; never mind see it, most do not even know of its existence. Some are lucky enough to actually eat the fruit off the tree. They just sit under the tree and the fruit just falls in their laps. Who are they?--the ones, who always remain happy and keep smiling. The rest of us have to make an effort to catch the fruit as and when it falls. Some even have to throw sticks (make so much effort as they keep making the wrong effort) at the tree. If you see someone tired and unhappy, you can also see their stick of ignorance in their hand or on their head. They hit others or themselves everyday.
There is more history under this tree than all the history books put together in the world. They know of only one page, and this tree knows the whole book, as this book ‘The Complete History and Meaning of Life’ is made from its paper. Of course, it is written by God, the Seed. He borrowed the pen of Brahma Baba to write it (He has not got a pen of His own). This tree has seen and lived through much, and yet tells the person below – “You are very important. Today is the most important day in all history. Today we share that day”.
This tree simply lives by a natural law, the law of giving. It must have been doing it for 5,000 years, judging by its size. We could all learn a lot from this great old tree. We can learn from any tree, whether young or old.
Brahma Baba is that huge tree from which we can learn and learn, as he just gave and gave all the time. He must have learnt the secret of the tree (life) when he sat in its shade long ago.
A tree is so helpful, so beneficial and it treats all the same. Have you ever seen a tree favouring someone? A tree does not give more shade to a king than to a beggar. Have you ever seen an elephant refusing to give someone a ride because he/she was not wearing gold? If an elephant and tree can give to all without judgement, why can’t we? Or are the tree and elephant greater than you? How great are you?
You can learn from ‘givers’ and this learning will make you so strong. You can also learn from ‘takers’ but this will make you weak eventually if you do not learn the lesson of ignoring them. If you learn from a ‘taker’ that their way is not the answer or way forward in life, then you have learnt a very good lesson and you should congratulate yourself and consider yourself fortunate as most have not learnt this lesson at all. You can take this from a ‘taker’ without him ever-knowing or getting upset. Yet to learn how to ‘take’ from a ‘taker’ is a curse, for it’s like spreading the seed of a weed everywhere you go. And these weeds will follow you and grow around you wherever you go. Slowly the weeds of selfishness will strangle anyone who carries these seeds around with them. Ignorance is the only water they need to grow, and with their sunlight of satisfaction eventually they will not be able to move in life as they will become so tangled up.
Everyone loves a flower (a giving nature, like my lokik mother whom everyone loves so much) and flower seller (a happy person) and his flower stand (stop, look, smell and enjoy). In fact, it is amazing just how many people pride themselves on not ‘giving’. But then this is like being proud of the fact you are blind, have one leg, no arms and a dodgy heart. Who could be proud and happy with such a body? Maybe only when these seeds they carry round which are miniature time bombs go off in their pockets will they realise their error. But by then they will be legless, hopeless and helpless. One day soon the world will be full of those in wheelchairs being pushed along by the enlightened ones. What seeds are in your pocket today? Have a look.
Brahma Baba’s arms created many a healthy tree and leaves with its seeds. Those who loved Brahma Baba kept the seeds of love he gave them in their pockets and in turn, grew somewhat like him and so planted those seeds themselves wherever they went and gave them as a gift, creating a hidden forest of trees over the world.
Brahma Baba taught his spiritual army not to ever ask why, for a ’Y’ changes everything. You have the word arm which is good, and with man’s ’Y’ added to it, it is changed and becomes man’s army! When Brahma Baba heard the word ‘why’ – he immediately always thought ‘why not’ create good thoughts and a good world. “It’s in our fortune and future is to become better people and make a better world“.
Brahma Baba’s fruit only had the seeds of love and hope inside them. But then it was God’s tree and it was watered everyday by His children, so its fruit and seeds were very healthy and nourishing. Eat God’s fruit and you’ll grow to be a giant, just like Father Brahma did.
Brahma Baba was the first man in whom all history can be known and traced. He is a walking tree under which everyone on earth has walked and tasted his fruit. Some have passed-by quickly whilst some have climbed his tree and lovingly sat in his branches. A few even built a tree house in its canopy; such was their closeness and love for Brahma Baba. Some hugged the tree and then got called away or distracted. But many just walked under the tree, admired its grandeur, trunk and foliage and then completely forgot about it, oblivious to its importance and beauty. For a few, the tree made such an impression on their hearts as it has been carried within them for all history.
Brahma Baba is responsible for every tree (person) you see. The kinder, the more spiritual the person, the closer they are to him. These trees will create the new world of health and vitality. And to think, this new world will come about by just one man, Brahma Baba, who used to sit under God’s tree of love. What delicious fruit he must have tasted back then.
Trees really do more than just blow in the wind. Brahma Baba really did do a lot more than just hand out toli, wear white clothes and get up early. Brahma Baba stood firm amidst the storms and spread seeds of goodness on the winds of purity that emanated from within his shawl that in time would create a new world. He followed God’s nature of giving and giving.
We have to look at these two trees and copy them in everyway. Try and stand constantly in between their trunks under their canopies and catch their seeds of truth and purity which they drop everyday.
[Brahma Baba really did do a lot more than just hand out toli, wear white clothes and get up early. Brahma Baba stood firm amidst the storms and spread seeds of goodness on the winds of purity that emanated from within his shawl that in time would create a new world. He followed God’s nature of giving and giving. ]

– BK Dr. Dilip V. Kaundinya, Mumbai
Dr. David Eddie, Professor of cardiac surgery, Stanford University, devised a virtual model, Archimedes model of human body with all of its physiological processes for assessing the value of different interventions. The results were baffling to the Scientist Mind. Trillions of dollars spent on the interventions increased the life expectancy by only 3%. The rest came from sanitation, proper nutrition, proper sleep and a tranquil state of mind. Ability to sustain a tranquil, peaceful state under all life-circumstances comes from meditation.
Today the highly intelligent mind has more faith in science than in the faith itself. He believes more in logical essays than in belief and Faith. He believes in the techniques of satisfying pleasures than in love. A demand for scientific proof for everything, even for the existence of GOD, is the legacy of the scientist mind. The Spiritualist Mind functions on belief and faith. Susan Kobassa’s hardiness concept in AIDS, and the placebo and nosebo-effects in therapy add strength to the belief that even mere faith can move the mountain and bring miracles. In fact, neuroscience has shown that a strong belief and faith that nothing can go wrong with my body or with my worldly affairs activate some hitherto unknown healing-mechanisms in our body. They bring about a miracle of impossible cures or maintain good health under impossible situations. They awaken an inner giant which provides easy solutions to apparently impossible problems. Scientist mind simply cannot believe this because the man has forgotten that he is a BMSO, car manufactured by the Supreme Creator Shiv Baba. BMSO has four main components – body, mind, soul and organism. So at every step of progress in medical science, a man knows only a little more than what he already knew. History of Medicine reveals that the progress in science takes the man from areas of greater errors to those of lesser errors; but whatever the stage of progress, an area always remains unknown to him. This is the DOMAIN of the Supreme Surgeon, Shiv Baba, where miracles happen through remembrance or meditation. Not long ago, a lymphocyte was regarded as a phlegmatic spectator gathering at the periphery of an inflammatory focus, watching the intense life and death battle between invading bacteria and defending polymorphs. The same lymphocyte became a revered Brigadier after the discovery of powerful interleukins. Human body harbours so many such wonders which become revealed to man at a precise pre-ordained point of time according to the most precise Divine Plan. Saying ‘I discovered it’ is meaningless. It was pre-ordained to be discovered. Karan karavanhaar Ek Baba Hai Jo Roop Mein Bindu (Point) Lekin Guno Mein Sindhu Hai. In fact, whole of human body shall become functionless and pointless without the existence of several points – Supreme soul, drama and soul. The receptors are the points where bacteria and viruses, or hormones and enzymes or the antibiotics or antibodies interact to produce the related effects. Days are not far off when the knowledge about the points or receptorology shall replace all varieties of logics like cardiology or diabetology to provide a permanent cure in all the four-dimensions of health.
Patanjali Kriya yoga, which has been integral Indian yoga for around 2500 years, promises conquest of ageing and diseases by regular practice. This yoga consists of yama, niyam, asana, pranayam, dhyan, dharana , pratyahaar and Samadhi. This Sadhana requires nearly two hours, an impossible luxury for the Extremely Busy Persons (E.B.P.) of today. Supreme Surgeon Shiv Baba made every thing easy (Sahaj) and deleted the difficult Hath-Yoga from Sadhana. Dhyan (Meditation), Dharana (inculcating values and shrimat) and self-transformation came into focus. Today meditation has become a scientific technique for cure and maintaining health. It is no more a matter of mere belief and faith. Dr. Richard Davidson, professor of psychiatry, Wisconsin University, has termed Dhyan as mindfulness meditation. Long ago, when the medical profession functioned under a gross illusion of “The Cause and Effect Theory” created by the great microbiologists like Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was compelled to warn the medical profession “of the greatest error today is that the physicians do not take soul into account for therapy.” Today, the medical profession is committing the same mistake. So in spite of magical discoveries, the different diseases are on the rise and assuming pandemic proportions. Somehow the different centric strategies are not directed towards the root cause, the mind. The great wheel of time has turned a full circle and an ancient Indian concept of holistic health and intrinsic healing, has appeared on the horizon in the form of Soul-Mind-Body-Medicine. Negative thoughts which cause disease of the soul translate into various diseases of the body. They sap and leak the ‘pranik energy’ from the soul and have become the potent weapons for self-destruction. Today lust, anger, greed, ego, hatred and repulsion have joined forces with stress, tension, anxiety, worry, fear and frustration for the destruction of the mankind. Anger or frustrations are two predominant toxic emotions two hours before a heart attack. Stressful state of mind brings about a lethal and destructive TH-2 immune response in tuberculosis. On the other hand, a ‘Happy State of Mind’ brings about healing TH-1 immune response. That is why Supreme Surgeon, Shiv Baba tells us, “ khushi Jaisi Khurak Nahi (There is no diet better than happiness).” So remain happy under all circumstances. The strength for achieving such a stable and unshakeable state of mind can be derived only by remembrance or meditation.
There are more than 200 types of meditation that are available today, in this era of mass-confusion called extreme Kaliyuga. Some of them come in costly commercial packages. But Supreme Surgeon Shiv Baba, Who is ocean of love for us children, has come to us from Paramdham to give us knowledge (Gyan), free of cost, about a simple three-step Vidhi (Technique) which is both laboratory-proven and easy. The blocks in heart vessels have disappeared in C.A.D-regression project in more than 4000 cases. The first step involves focusing our consciousness on a metaphysical conscient point of light on the centre of the forehead and notice a reduction in the speed of thoughts allowing one to discern between negative (Sankalpa) and positive (Vikalpa). Give repetitious auto-suggestions that negatives are getting deleted from the corrupted C.D. of your mind. Assume a “Let Go” principle for developing attitude of an observer towards your thoughts. At one particular moment, the negative thoughts actually get deleted and your consciousness internalises. This becomes known to you by A Sat-Chit-Anand state, which neurophysiologists label as Biological Relaxation Response (B.R.R.). This state is necessary for any auto-suggestions to sink into the inner self. In this state, E.E.G. uniquely in Sahaj Rajyoga only shows delta waves of rejuvenating deep sleep. Secretion of stress hormones stops. Instead, certain ‘Miracle Hormones’ get secreted. Secretion of these is responsible for the magical cure of the so-called incurable, chronic and intractable diseases. Encephalin restores the internal balance ions, lipids and sugar, the milieu interior that has been disturbed by stress and is the real cause of disease. A reverse transport of cholesterol from heart vessels brings about the miracle of “Bypass without Bypass”. Endorphins elevate the mood and ameliorate pain. Melatonin controls sleep-wake cycle and cures insomnia. Brain-Derived-Neurotrophic Factor (B.D.N.F.) gives the miracle of neuro-genesis and provides cure for depression. It may be the answer for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia or memory loss including that due to ageing. The dictum in newer branches of medicine, Psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology and psycho-oncology says that the incurable disease means whose cure lies within. That is why our Supreme Creator Shiv Baba promises in His Murlis “Yog-agni Dwara Atma ki Kut Ko Bhasm Karenge to ever-healthy, ever wealthy and ever happy ban jayenge”. (if we remove the rust on soul through yoga power, then we will become ever-healthy, ever wealthy and ever happy. The third step is Cosmic Communion in which we, the souls, talk to our SUPREME CREATOR in an Atman to Atman trans-personal transaction, just as is mentioned in Ken Wilbur’s “Trans-personal psychology”.
The Supreme Surgeon also cautions us against having any doubts about what HE is telling through His Murlis. So let your meditation be regular; all of your doubts and fears shall disappear miraculously.

The story of this great doyen dates back to more than 60 years, in Sindh province of north-western India. The entire globe owes it indebtedness to such a saint, angel and a great human being, who struggled till his last breath for the upliftment of society. Born in 1876 in Sindh (now in Pakistan) he treaded the path of humanity, selflessness and altruism when the globe had been devastated by two World Wars. Brahma Baba, usually known as Dada Lekh Raj, was a very prosperous diamond merchant, who led a very simple, devout and contented life, as any normal person. Despite the ocean of wealth and luxuries around him, he was always free from Ego. He left all luxuries and donated his everything one fine day for the sake of society around him. He was one who dreamt always for the weakest segments of the society. He was sociable to all, from a beggar to an officer, a prisoner to a jailer, a servant to a master and so on. Because of this kind of endearment, he was called Dada (elder brother), which became Dada Lekhraj later on.
He meandered through the darkest tunnels of misery, hardship, opposition and various other obstacles for creating a wave of spirituality and happiness in the lives of humanity across the globe. Through his meditation, he solved many obstacles and mundane problems which came his way.
He had great reverence for and unflinching faith in God. Because of his spiritual strength he would kick all the fears that used to come his way. Through his strong meditative power, he became the human medium of the Almighty. After the descent of God into his Body, he was given a new name, Prajapita Brahma, or Adi Dev (the first deity). Later, it became new term, Brahma Baba. By this he inculcated an inspiration to create a spiritual institution named Om Mandali . By that, millions got benefitted and a spiritual atmosphere developed everywhere.
Two words ‘dependency’ and ‘failure’ could never occupy the dictionary of this great soul. Not only did he cremate these two, but also asked the entire world and his students to tear off these words from their books. Slowly from Om Mandali, through his great endeavour, it became Om Shanti which means I am a peaceful Soul. He had bright students who have been the strong pillars of this spiritual organization, e.g., Jagdamba Saraswati (Mamma), Dadi Prakashmani , Dadi Nirmal Shanti (Daughter of Brahma Baba), Gulzar Dadi (Baba’s rath) and Janaki Dadi (also known as Pavan Putr Hanuman because of her never tiring and flying activities), and so on. In 1950, the Head quarters of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya moved to serene and green surroundings of Aravalli Hills in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Brahma Baba, assisted by Dadis, B.K. brothers and sisters, accomplished this spiritual task. Presently there are about 8,500 centres across the globe, doing wonderful services for spiritual and social upliftment of humanity.

The only motto of this Godly university is that none should be left without getting Godly knowledge so that our society is totally free from all kind of negativity, e.g., Attachment, Ego, Lust, Greed, Jealousy etc. These negativities have totally handicapped our society, desiccating peace. The main teaching is that God is not everywhere, He resides in Paramdham and meditation is the only way to reach Him. As we are all aware that it is end of Kalyuga, these days God has descended in the human body to impart education for entering the Golden Period (Satyuga).
On 18th January, 1969, Brahma Baba left his mortal coil and ascended to the subtle world. His death anniversary every year is celebrated as Smriti Divas or Avyakt Divas. It is 40 years since he left us. But the memories left by him are still alive as these have been inspiring millions of human hearts.
My heartful Salutations to such a noble soul!
I have been following this Gyan for the last 10 years, and have met Avyakt BapDada 8 times. When I was told about the sacrifices made by Brahma Baba, tears rolled down my eyes. On January 18, 2007, when I was there in Abu on Avyakt Divas, Dada Narayan Dass (Son of Brahma Baba) had also come. He is a carbon copy of Baba, due to his resemblance with him. It appeared as if I was sitting right in front of Brahma Baba. He was also very simple, like his father. In the present day world, any person earning lakhs or crores of rupees would certainly befriend ego, selfishness and other vices. But Brahma Baba was away from these maladies. On January 18th, 2010, let us all take a pledge to inculcate all his virtues in us. By this way only we can tread the path shown by our dearest Brahma Baba. Share this story how a saint became an angel, with the fellow brethren and earn blessings of the Almighty.
The Spiritual Path

-- Manasi, Indore

People generally think and understand that religion, rituals and customs are of utmost importance to move on the spiritual path. I will not say they are not; they definitely are, as they are the first guide to direct you and tell you the right and wrong. However, to seek true Spiritual Path, we need to have a clear conception of our aims and goals to be successful on this very path.

We need to look within ourselves and see what we actually wish to become. Our tongue says, “I wish to search for the wealth of Spirituality” but our heart speaks the other way. Our intellect says, “Spirituality is a good thing and I should get it”, but our mind wanders and is absorbed in the body and physical needs. Oh! What confusion, what a state of affairs this is? One who really wishes to untangle the mystery of life should first become a man, a good human, in the true sense of the word. It is not the appearance of a man, but the true qualities of compassion, contentment, charity, forgiveness, truthfulness, gentleness, simplicity, continence, purity, and above all love for God and His creation, which make him a man in the true sense of the word. These prime qualities of the seeker, adorned with such virtues can occupy a high place among men.

Only a man with a compassionate heart can have good moral conduct. He is tender -hearted and cheerful. Kind thoughts emanate from him and he cheerfully forgives the mistakes of others. One who knows how to forgive and love again with no malice can hope to be forgiven by God for his faults. Contentment is also essential for moral conduct and spiritual progress. When a man is contented with what he has, he is not disturbed by the prosperity of others. He has no resentment, no envy and so remains happy and as contentment enters his heart, desire leaves. As desire leaves, truthfulness comes to him and one who is truthful is definitely fearless, dauntless. Courteousness, gentleness and a cheerful disposition are other traits, which have a happy effect on others, making him loving and lovable at the same time. He should have an attitude of love for all, because this is the secret of true and eternal happiness in this life and hereafter.

Cleanliness and purity are other essential qualities for the seeker of God ready to walk on the spiritual path. The body, the clothes should be clean, but real cleanliness should be internal. Inner purity is of utmost importance. Spiritual realization cannot come without complete purity which means pure conduct, pure food, pure dealings and pure thoughts. And so one needs to have a look inside first, inspect the self brutally. Important is to be aware of oneself not as what one wants to be…because that is fictitious, idealistic, unreal, but as what one is ….ugly..beautiful..wicked..mischievous..and this should be an unsympathetic inspection which only an alert mind can do free from all the beliefs, all idealizations, because ideas and beliefs can actually taint and pervert our perception. If one truly wants to take the spiritual path he should use his own creativity, his originality. It is with this pure heart and soul that one gets the love of God and His creation.

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