Thursday, May 27, 2010

When will Shri Laxmi come in every home ? BK Bhagwan, Shantivan In the deep darkness of Iron Age every human being is caught in distress and poverty.

When will Shri Laxmi come in every home ? BK Bhagwan, Shantivan In the deep darkness of Iron Age every human being is caught in distress and poverty. Man is not in harmony with himself and the world. Once upon a time there was an Age known as Golden age when all men and animals were happy. Those days are still remembered, the time when one could find a cow and lion drinking water together at the same bank of river. There were places adorned with gold and silver. The kings and his subjects were blessed with the same divine qualities. Hence they were known as Deity. Every home was the abode of Shri Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. But when these same deities were caught in the pursuit of sex-lust, greed, ego, anger and worldly attachment, then slowly over the ages, Poverty, disharmony, depression and corruption seeped in and took hold over humanity. Then man started worshipping Shri Lakshmi in the hope of achieving richness and to become like Shri Lakshmi-Shri Narayan. But this kingdom of wealth can only be achieved if the five vices are under control. This is shown symbolically in the festival of Dussehara where 10 heads of Ravan are burnt, these represent 5 vices of male and 5 vices of female. It is only after this that Diwali, the festival of joy is celebrated. Similarly, when every human being awakens and the glowing members of the spirit twinkles in there enlightened eyes and we will be clean in body and spirit then only will Shri Lakshmi enter in every home. To enter the world of Satyug these nine qualities are essential: - We should emulate the qualities of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan, which Helps us to transcend from just Nar (Man) to Narayan (devata) when man’s actions are perfect then even nature was in the true service of humanity. Our perception for our fellow being should be pure, free of all that is not Acceptable to the divine. To be rich in everything as Shri Lakshmi Shri Narayan, Our outlook and thought should be crystal clear like fresh spring water. There Should be universal brotherhood; we should all be like one family. Then only will Shri Lakshmi comes to our home.
Man’s life should be like the petals of the lotus flower. The abode ofShri Lakshmi & Shri Narayan symbolize this. Even while living in our house in stagnant Water. It always retains its pure qualities. Humanity is different in its myriad Bodies and souls in behaviour, nature, qualities and duties, it should be Uniform like Shri Lakshmi-Shri Narayan. To make one’s life whole and complete one must achieve a balance between Good action and spiritual knowledge. It is only when one understands God’s Commandments and has absolute control over one’s own action, can one be of Perfect character and be able to guide others to achieve the same. One should bear the crown of responsibility, we must attempt to change the World around us by first bringing about change in ourselves. Continuous soul conscience vision (Swadarshan) we had 84 births and now go back to our supreme abode, with this in mind we keep all our actions perfect. We Must get rid ourselves of all weakness by spiritual and physical, then only can we Welcome Shri Lakshmi & Shri Narayan in our homes. Conc. with speech: Pure, knowledgeable and sweet words should always be at our lips, this is to impart the god news of joy. Then we can become like a Shri Lakshmi Shri Narayan. Using mace of knowledge: Any adverse situation and problem that comes in Life, one has to relieve from it by knowledge and keep advancing and one’s life Knowledge full and great. One day we will be perfect then Shri Lakshmi will be in our Home. Life like Lotus Flower: Performing everything lovefully but completely detached. Creator is performing through me the instrument with this attitude if we perform action our life will be like Shri Lakshmi Shri Narayan. If we all bring the aforesaid points in our Practical lives then every home and every corner of the world will be full of completeness, divinity, wealth and Shri Lakshmi will come in each home. That’s why these attributes are given in the hands of Shri Lakshmi, Just by cleaning the home and lighting the candlelights. From time immemorable how many Diwali’s we have celebrated. But instead of coming of Shri Lakshmi or
Completeness in each home, country, and whole world there is immense poverty, corruption, disease, suffering, and body consciousness is going on increasing every year. Therfore, in this year ignite your soul’s light by putting the ghee of spiritual knowledge and remove the waste of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego hatred and all negativity from your mental home. Cleanse the self and others with in and light with the spiritual light and might, which is being bestowed by our spiritual father. Then only in each home and in world there will be complete happiness in the Diwali. So all of you please accept Hearty congratulations and advance greetings of true Diwali.

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