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In Gita, God says “Whenever righteousness suffers he comes on this earth." We are witnessing signs of unrighteousness around us.
In this Iron Age , there are many self acclaimed godmen.There are various relig¬ions,sects and cults. Due to the absence of truth,there are different beliefs about God. To clarify those beliefs, and in order to get rid of darkness, to give the light of true knowledge, to fulfil his esteem Promise given in the words of ‘Gita’the su¬preme soul incarnates on this earth. But beacause of the conflicting theories about god and because of ignorance, only a few among the millions recognise him. Even when himself reveals the knowledge of the beginning ,the middle and the end of the world cylcle and the truth about himself, many people have doubts about it. Is it true or not ? Whethr He is God or not ? many argue against this knowledge by quoting the scriptures. It is really amazing.When God himself imports knowledge, people are not able to believe in it. Just as the kauravas could not recognise till end, The supreme Power and they were destyoyed. Ther are similiar doubts about god, whether he is the real or not. How would it sound, if a son tells his father that he is not sure whether he is the real father or not ? How much ignorance is there, Neither do the people know themselves nor do they know anything about God or their original supreme abode (shantidham). This is the Iron Age ! This is the maya! People are blind folded with ignorance. Hence they do not know what’s true and what is false. Even if they know that their actions are wrong, still they do such deeds,because of ego, body consciousness, and go further down to the bottom into the quagmire of evil.
When God play his part, he performs the ddivine task of creation of new world through Brahma,Sustenance of new world through vishnu and destruc¬tion of old evil world through shankar He Performs the task oof creation through the medium of an old man, who is known as Prajapita Brahma.
very few people, one out of many millions, recognise and understand the benefactor God and transform their lives on his godly advise.It is said that there were only five Pandavas- who are in fact the few.They are the people who having realised the truth about God’s endeavour to make their lives viceless through true and divine knowledge and Rajyog meditation. They inculcate divine virtues in them and so to become like Shri Lakshmi-Narayan. They experience supersensous joy in their communion with God.

The Period when this meeting of the supreme soul and the human souls takes place is called the most auspicious Confluence Age . Those who follow god’s teachings and advice are the faithful ones. and such faithful souls attain victory over vices in the end.
Neverthless, the faithful souls have to face many tests. In this Iron-Aged world, the effect of maya is so strong that even the firmed faithfull souls fall under its spell. After following the path of knowledge,they start having doubts.Such souls, after testing supersensous joy, after telling others that God himself is teaching them, fall prey to doubts and make others also doubtful. They try to put hurdles in the work of god. But what can clouds do to the eternal sun ? God has come to make our destiny. Noone in the three worlds can stop Him in his task. Those who try to do so to destiny only themselves. Then there are many who wish to lead the old Iron aged life. many seeks refuge in other sects and Gurus as they are not able to recognise God . Many soulswho efforts and service get trapped in the naem and fame and then they become egoist. In Mahabharat, the Pandavas are shown after the victory , to have become full of ego- each one claimed the credit for himself. Godly Power leaves them and they are looted by things. Those who had defeated the mighty Kauravas army were now being looted by petty yadavas. One become arrogant and egoistic gradually become a suspector. He loses spritual and godly powwer and becomes slave of the vices. Whatever he would have accumulated is lost. Such souls cant’t follow even the smallest principles and regulations. To what end do such souls reach Hence, it is daid that faithful souls are victorius while suspector souls are defeated.
Nowadays, such is the force of maya. the evil or saitan. Which is casting its spell forecefully. Those who had recognised God, are now turning suspector. They are being rocked by storms of doubts. They aare leaving the company of God. The reason for such suspection is the force of maya.
If those who have been adopted by god, do not fully ecperience the effect jeweks of knowledge, then they are easily shaken by maya. Because they don’t recognise or know God, the self and the Godly family truly or fully, they are innfluenced easily by small things and turn suspetor. Wasteful thinking also makes a person suspector . Listening to small talk or gossips and breaking of rules and dicipline makes one suspector. Hence, We should take every step in this path of divine knowledge carefully and properly. Experienced persons never become suspector however maya may try to shake them. They will always remain strong belivers. We have to treat this path not only with faith but also with wisdom based on experience. There has to be firm belief in god, in godly family in self and in preordinance of the drama.
Those who turn away from god will face a difficult situation in the end. They also know that they are doing wrong. It is easily to wake up the sleeping ones but difficult to awaken be careful less we commit this great sin. Even if the beliverss aare few, vivtory would be finally theirs, because god Himself is their companion. In Mahabharata, it is said that there were only five Pandavas but 101 kauravas and their huge army but still the Pandavaas won in the end. Truth is a powerful and victorious at the end. So why become suspector at all ? Is it wiseness ?Those who have turned away from God will shed tears of blood during destruction. They will repent cry and will be punished. Noone in the three worlds will show mercy to such souls. They are called traitors . They won’t be able to solve the burden of their sin for many births. Hence we should not miss godly version (murli) under any circumstance. We should have firm belief in Godly knowlledge. Never get influenced by others. Whatever is necessary should be avoided. Always remberer Murli, Baba and madhuban . There is no other God . If we no longer belive in these and we are attracted towards other thhings then we are surely going towards destruction. Kaliyuga is aat its last stage. In short time the pamdavas shall be victorious and they will rule in the diety kingdom. But in this short time we should not geet exhausted aand go back to kaliyuga. We should not become like “Bhasmasura”(one who destroyes himself). In the end the whole world will sing our Praise. There will be garlands of victory for us . At Present,the boat of pandavas is steering forward. Those who wish to join the trip are welcome. But once seated, you should not jump out otherwise you will be drowned. There will be shouts of victory in all three worlds. Remember only this: ‘if you remain a firm believer in God then victory shall be yours’. ‘Nishchay Budhi-Vijayanti’ firm belieers are always victorious.
*****************om shanti***************************

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