Thursday, May 20, 2010

God’s Descent On Earth -Seeing is Believing

God’s Descent On Earth -Seeing is Believing
t was the eve of MahaShivratri. About thirteen thousand BK Sisters and Brothers from around 67 countries sat in silence to invoke God’s descent on the eve of His 67th Incarnation Day. As mentioned in the Puranas, ‘Where there is silence, there is God’, the abode of God is the sweet incorporeal would of silence, Paramdham, and from there He descends and reveals Himself through His chosen human chariot. For Shiva, the glorification lies in His descent through the human medium of man as well as of woman. What joy one feels when the desire of many births, that is, to be face to face with God in complete silence, gets fulfilled! Only those, whose third eye of wisdom is open, can clearly see Him, understand His words of wisdom (spoken in a whispering tone) feel the fantastic vibrations of comforting purity, peace and love and enjoy the ecstasy of being true spiritual beings on earth. It is indeed so great, so deep and so enlightening to be part of such a mountain of silence and peace, created on His descent through the chosen medium. Even whilst listening to His words of wisdom (through the Medium), for those who are in complete unison with Him, it is a feast of subtle, angelic experience throughout those meditative hours. It is the experience of purity and God’s spiritual love, as symbolized by the Mansarovar Lake on the path of Bhakti; true to the devotees’ beliefs, anyone who bathes in the lake of spiritual wisdom emerges as an angel.
For hours, the listener experiences super sensuous joy by beings face to face and listening personally to God speaks. Thus speaker Shiva on the eve of Mahan Shiva has come to celebrate the Incarnation Day of the Self, as well of the Saligrams (symbolic of souls). This Anniversary of the Incarnation is so wonderful that spiritual children from all around (the globe) have come here flying to celebrate it. This Anniversary of the Father’s Incarnation and that of the spiritual children occurs on the same day. It is so amazing that the Father and the children celebrate their anniversary on the same day! Who is congratulating whom on this auspicious anniversary? Is it the children of the Father extending congratulations? Both are conveying greetings to each other! The children and the Father have great, great, great love for each other because the spiritual birth takes place simultaneously and both are meant to spend the entire life together. Both the Father and the children are occupied with the same unique task of world- transformation and will return together to the Sweet Home of Silence, on completion of our work. Such is the bond of our work. Such is the bond of love between the Father and children”.
After bathing in the lake of Godly nectar, each chosen soul is deeply inspired to constantly remain in that flying stage and become real and worthy examples of pure, voiceless beings on earth. Our own lives will thus become towering Light Houses of Peace and Tranquility to inspire others around us.
The message of “Self Realisation” and “God Realisation” needs to spread in all corners of the world for ushering in a new era of spiritual kinship, which will enable us to realize and enjoy truth, peace and contentment in all our endeavours as human beings. What we see today in the world is completely devoid of this fellowship feeling and in sharp contrast to our innate belief and human desire for real love, lasting peace and happiness. Celebrating Shiva Jayanti in its true spirit would spiritually unite the world and create brotherly, loving feelings of friendship. Shiva, Jehovah or Allah is different names of the One Supreme-Father. When all humankind understands and realizes this spiritual understanding, the light of love would envelop everyone in God’s great arms. Heaven would unveil on earth and the threat of war and destruction would cease to exist. When every single human soul realizes this, the flags of God’s victory over satanic forces would fly high around the globe and Godhood would emerge in everyone’s life. This is the message of God Shiva unto every human soul on earth.
“Let all of our endeavors, like the ‘Shiva Avtaran Mahotsav’ of Ahmedabad and Mumbai, convey this message to the world, loud and clear” – as rightly expressed by Dadi Prakashmani, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris.
- B.K.Nirwair

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