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In remembrance of Mamma “ Experience with Mamma of Dadi Shantamaniji” Brahmakumar Bhagwan Bhai Shantivan Mamma was born in a rich fam

In remembrance of Mamma “ Experience with Mamma of Dadi Shantamaniji”
Brahmakumar Bhagwan Bhai
Mamma was born in a rich family of Sindhi Society in Amritsar (Punjab).
Her name was Radha and very sweet in nature from childhood. She had a good habit
to do something new in her every work(each task). She used to like to play & sing.
Mamma’s most favorite song is:
Twinkle twinkle little star
Mamma had the hobby doing something new that can attract everyone. Her life-style was different from others in speaking, walking, & in eating so that people must be attracted towards her. She liked to live close of everybody
Her father got loss in business and some time latter her father expired. Her mother fell into deep sorrow. As she started to forget her sorrow, started to go in “Om Mandali” a satsang conducted by Baba. Once her mother went to “Om Mandali” along with Mamma. At a first glance when Mamma got dristi of Baba, she felt a feeling of her real father from Brahma Baba. Then Mamma (Radha) started to go in satsang regularly. One day Baba asked her whether she wanted to marry with Pitamberdhari shree Krishna or with pant suited kaliyugi person. Baba further said to replyin 24 hours. Radha (Mamma)could not sleep wholenight . As she went in satsang next morning, she replied Baba that she wanted to marry with shree Krishna as she liked to lead pure life. After listening the answer, Baba kept the Kalash of knowledge on her head & told her that she is not ordinary then. Baba further told that she is Jagadamba (Mother of the Universe), and have to do benevolent of souls of whole Universe. From then she became Mamma of everyone. Mamma’s mother too used to call Mamma. Baba also usually called her Mamma.
Once someone did a mistake. Then Baba asked at night in tribune, who’d done that. No one did rise hand out of them. At last moment Mamma rose her hand up and said if anyone of her child had done any mistake then she was sorry for that, as she was mother of all. So she was always first in making effort (purusharth). After hearing her answer Baba really felt that Mamma is a real mother of all. Mamma always used to pay attention on her effort (purusharth). Mamma often used to say, “whatever I do, will be followed by everybody.” Whatever mistake Mamma did once, never did repeatedly in her life. Everyone had feeling from Mamma that she had come as an angel from beyond of sky for to upgrade or make elevated us. Mamma never disturbed others, but loved everyone. And everyone used to feel lightness after telling their problems to Mamma.
Mamma liked lonelyness. Mammma used to awake 2am in Amritwela to give vibrations of peace, powers to all the souls of univers. She always used to spend her total time in ‘yagga service’ and ‘palna of all’. Mamma never wested any second in useless chit and useless thought. And so Mamma become got highest stage after being perfect in a short time and a little age. And Mamma became to able to worship as a Durga Maa, Laxmi, Jagdamba Maa, Sheetla Devi etc. Let us we promise together that we never repeat any mistake like Mamma and we would never do any wrong work as every one would follow us. And after practices these points we can also get perfect stage like Mamma. Mamma always use to that we should see ourself but not others. And with this highest stage of pursarth our sweet mother Mamma became full & perfect and she went in Baba’s Lap to give peace, love, purity to Souls of universe and to do unlimited service of universe. After hearing jeals of knowledge Mamma used to sing song with planing Benfo- And her sweet words used to absorb every one’s sorrow.

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