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In the present times, a human being has got many arts, specialities, knowledge is reaching the peak in all walks of life, he/she is seeing their own continuous progress, he/she has reached milestones, but it is a pity that he/she is losing touch of living a righteous life or has forgotten the art of life. In the false glitter of science the glitter of life is getting dull. Day by day, real happiness is drying out, life is getting trapped in lots of problems where a human being is finding it hard to breath peacefully, one is finding it hard to survive in this huge cosmic earth. A human being finds it hard to understand the reality when he/she sees too many attractions around. But when a person is asked :-
Are you contented with your life and with others?
Do you have total peace and happiness in your life?
Are you free from tensions and stress?
Are you happy with your relationships?
Are you satisfied with worldly attainments?
Is your life full of treasures of happiness?
Do you feel you are a powerful person?
Are you independent or a slave?
95% of the answers will be of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
So lets think, what is the importance of this pomp of science and material things when a human being is not experiencing themselves to be safe? What is the use of material comforts or a prosperous country and what is the use of new inventions when human being is not learning any lessons from them?
What is the use of subtle inventions of psychic science when mind is full of tensions? Inspite of all dimensional progress why is human being losing all their mental powers? Is it not that a person is dreaming to acquire everything inspite of loosing everything? He/she is imagining settling in space but is forgetting how to walk on earth. There is continuous search for material progress but in reality humans are welcoming destruction.
A person’s first desire is to attain progress, happiness and peace in life and to acquire these, one has to bring some transformations in their ways of thinking. Inspite of acquiring all attainments, if a person is drifting away from the aim then something is really wrong somewhere.
E.g. if a person has to go from Delhi to Calcutta and on finishing the journey he/she realises that he/she has reached Bombay station then the person would definitely have to accept and agree that he/she has done some mistake, by mounting a wrong train but in present times all people are drifting away from their goal not knowing where the mistake lies.
When a person starts any new task he does it with good intentions and good desire but sometimes has to face failure. He never sees the face of prosperity inspite of working hard, he never gives sorrow to anyone but still is unhappy always, he never says harsh words to anyone but has to listen to harsh words from others. He accumulates wealth in order to live a happy life, but happiness is disappearing, peace seems to be like a false belief. Where is the mistake?
This book will answer this question......................................
"Life is the most valuable and when one wants to preserve it at any cost, why has is become a burden? Why is there bitterness in relationships? Why one feels loneliness? Sad and dark clouds of insecurity are increasing in a person's life. Why do thousands of people want to put an end to their precious life? Why is terrorism increasing? In this book, we will be paying attention to some main values, and on imbibing them you will bring lots of good hope to your life.
A human life is administrated through the powers of the mind. Absence of these powers will open the doors of sorrows, peacelessness, and problems. A person does those tasks, which is not supposed to be done and cannot do the task which he/she wants to do.
How can we increase these powers of the mind? How can we bring about mental progress? These deep aspects are made easy to follow. Summing it up, we will say that along with increasing material comforts and instruments, if one introduces some morals and spirituality in life then a person will become free from peacelessness, unhappiness, and problems. One has to agree to this truth that life feels empty due to lack of some original values. These morals are very easy to imbibe and if one does imbibe them in life then material comforts will turn out to be a blessing-in-disguise. I have full faith that after reading this book the reader will definitely adopt a new way of thinking. He/she will realise the mistakes which have made their life a misery, and by over coming them will be able to uplift themselves.
Thank you.


CHAPTER 1: The Art of Leading a Righteous Life
- B.K.Suraj (Mt.Abu)

In the present time, it is seen that human beings have progressed immensely in every field. Travel has become easy, entertainment can be enjoyed at home itself, progress has become like a sports game and computer has done wonders, but day by day human life is becoming full of stress, peacelessness, hopelessness and sorrow, increment in prosperity. Human power is progressing, science power has reached the peak, there is no lack of industrial progress, but if there is anything, it is true happiness, mutual understanding and love, co-operation and elevated thoughts.
Progress on one side and depression and failure on the other side. Why is all this happening? What does the law of nature demand? What will be its future? A sensible person should think about all this. A human being has not made any spiritual progress nor brought about inner progress. Happiness was found through wealth, but not in the self. Humans went to search for peace in jungles, but not at home, with the result that human drifted far away from the truth.
So come let us leave the shores of the outside world and think about the inner world, to pay attention to ourselves instead of looking at others or thinking about others. Lets think about ourselves then the doors of happiness will open in our life. We are not this body but a conscient soul residing in it. This body is perishable but the soul is the living source, which administers the whole body. It works through its mind, power and intellectual power. We use these powers everyday, resulting in the decline in these powers. The decline starts with more waste thoughts, mind goes out of control, resulting in increased tension. With the decline in mind power the decision making power becomes dull, and he falls prey to bad habits and the mental stability gets destroyed. In the present time, due to lack of a powerful mind and intellect a human being gets angry very quickly. So the need is to know oneself and to know one’s inner powers and to increase them. e.g. We see that human beings are mastering many arts of life, he has learnt to fly in the sky and dive deep in the ocean, he reached moon and Mars, and day by day he can converse to a person sitting thousands of miles away, in a minute but cannot talk to their own neighbour. He can fly in the sky but has forgotten how to walk on earth. He wishes to rule the world but cannot rule his own sense organs. So come let us learn the art of living so that we can enjoy our life by bringing sweetness into our lives, to lead a life full of peace, the powers of Rajyoga helps in a special way. Through Rajyoga the power of our mind and intellect increases, the mind becomes cheerful, intellect and conscious becomes peaceful and steady and becomes free from stress and this helps one to increase the ability to do any task.
In the journal rosary, I keep lots of topics number-wise. Today I would like to divert your attention to one aspect, which is purifying the thoughts. Our thoughts are our valuable treasures. One thought snatches our happiness, one thought destroys them. That is why purify your thoughts, impure thoughts makes your mind dirty, impure thoughts are like lots of dirt collected in your house, so throw away impure thoughts from your mind. It breeds lots of bacteria of sorrow and peacelessness. Impure thoughts are our enemies. To keep impure thoughts in your mind is like sustaining your enemies which could be very harmful.
In the present time, a human being has made up their mind to keep impure thoughts resulting in peacelessness and tension. Now decorate your life with pure thoughts, and in order to do that one needs to keep good company and one needs to read good literature. With this, many mental diseases will be cured and you will desire to live again. I have full faith that the readers will learn the art of living in order to gain peace and happiness in life and they themselves will realise where the mistake was and which mistakes they where doing.

CHAPTER 2: Importance of Life - What is Life?

"The amount of importance one gives to one’s life, that is how important the person will become." This rule is true. Human life is the most elevated creation of God. He created man in a deity image. He presented the soul with full natural beauty and had made some regulations for human life, but these steady regulations were broken and this beautiful creation became an ordinary human being from deity and from a human being became a devil. Today human being is not a human, the decoration of mother earth forgot humanity, one feels human values to be outdated. The present vicious colour has decoloured humanity and humans do not know that they have become embodiments of devilish nature.
"What is life?"---- The philosophers have explained in different ways but it is not easy to tie up life in the limitations of words. We know that the living entity inside this body is the soul. When this body and soul join together then that is called human being. So the soul works through the body, with the help of his virtues and powers and this is called Life. Life is a big pilgrimage. The soul in the form of a driver sits in the body, which is considered a vehicle and goes on a journey. When this car becomes old or useless then the soul which is the driver of the body, leaves this car (body) and goes and takes some other body and this is called death i.e. when the soul leaves the body i.e. the soul renounces one body and takes another one, this is called as death of the previous body. Life and death are the greatest incidents of this big universe. Firstly both meet each other and secondly both part from each other, and the kind of role the soul has played while residing in this body becomes that soul’s karma philosophy.
This life is like a meeting time for the soul with the elements of nature. The meeting of the two occurs because the soul should be able to enjoy its qualities through them. Gradually the soul gets so engrossed in this enjoyment that it thinks nature is everything and becomes subservient to it. From here life gets addicted to bad habits and the drama of life takes the wrong path towards self-destruction.
A human being has two wonderful powers – mind and intellect. With the help of these powers, if used in the right way, one can construct ones life and by using them in wrong ways, one can destroy life. But hardly anyone is acquainted with this. What is the mind? It is our thought power. The mind with the help of the brain keeps creating thought. It is always at work. One can hardly pay attention to the speed of thoughts. Because of this very few people think of controlling the speed of thoughts and even fewer succeed in doing so.
The most beautiful godly gift is the intellect. It is the beauty of life which enables us to go on the right path. But remember, the intellect is not the brain which is in the skull. This is an extremely subtle power. It is the power of consciousness in the soul. With the help of this intellect a person is able to decide this conscience. This conscience resides in the intellect, but sometimes the person fills wrong information in the intellect and kills its conscience. This makes life miserable and peaceless.
So to give importance to ones life means to give importance to mind and intellect, i.e. to give importance to each and every thought. Life becomes invaluable by making these thoughts invaluable and when the thoughts become corrupt the entire life becomes valueless. So it is important to give importance to intellect i.e. no dirt should accumulate on your intellect. It should not disturb you all the time. Great attention should be given to the intellect so that it does not become corrupt in bad company. Whoever realises the importance of the mind and intellect becomes great.
In the same way, in order to know the importance of life one should know the importance of every second, word and action. Time too is valuable treasure. To lose this treasure is to lose ones life. Those who keep wasting away their life will have to burn in the fire of repentance in the end. An ordinary person talks too much; only the sensible ones will know the importance of silence. Excess talk destroys ones powers and when powers are needed the person will feel empty. Excessive talk is not the virtue or royalty of a sensible person. A talkative person thinks of himself or herself as sensible but in reality more talk is the identity of the one with a dull intellect. So a person should learn to give importance to their words. Only then will others do the same. Waste talk identifies an aimless meaningless life. Actions can elevate a human being and can also degrade them. So if you want to make your life special then you have to give importance to all powers. Human life is really a golden period. We have to know its importance and not exchange it for stones/shells. Wasting life in eating, sleeping, earning money and enjoying carnal happiness is like being those moths who die soon after taking birth. If a human being does the same work as animals, what is the difference? If we do not have any ideals in life, if we have not left behind any memories or performed any great tasks, then what is the use of having an intellect?
Know the importance of your present life and time and acquire complete happiness from it. This life cannot be compared to any wealth. If anyone offers a crore of rupees in exchange for your eyes, no one will be ready to do so. This life is so valuable but many have forgotten its importance and made it not worth a penny. You can become intoxicated with God’s love in this birth. You can become the master of nature in this birth. You have limitless power. Identify them and attain total bliss in this life.

Bring Progress in Mind & Intellect

In the previous lesson we identified two main powers of a human being. Both powers are wonderful gifts of God. Both have to be made very powerful since our life is dependent on them. We have many examples of people who rose from being ordinary human beings to very well known personalities. They became those who were able to challenge the whole world. Eg. Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander in the West and Vivekananda, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Porus in the East and many more. Their powers were not only of the physical but mental as well. A physically weak person can conquer a physically strong person with the help of mind and intellect.
We have to pay attention to bring about progress in both. The question arises, have they reached their lowest? Yes, the mind has become corrupt, negative and weak. This is its defeat. On the gross level, there is lots of intellectual progress but along with it, the spiritual power of the intellect is seen to be fading. Lack of courage and faith in the self, lack of decision-making power and steady intellect are the characteristics of a defeated human being. There was a time when the mind and intellect of human beings were at the highest peak of their progress. How were they identified at that time? Everybody is ignorant of this aspect. All they know it that in today’s time, human beings are advancing everyday, but this is not entirely true. Ancient humans were more civilised and progressive. Science too was so advances that the present progress in science looks faded comparatively. In present times, though intellectual progress has been made, the mind has been murdered. Humans have lost their humanity. They have lost bliss and have become more sorrowful.
When the progress of the mind and intellect was at its peak, those humans were valued as deities. They had powers and had no knowledge of the vices. They did know the meaning of torture. Life was totally pure where nature too gave happiness, diet was pure and civilization was at its peak, where one did not have to work to earn money and where the essentials of life were easily available. They were no patients, no doctors, no criminals, no police, no wars, no military forces, but the present historians have no knowledge about this civilization. They have no evidence of the statues of the deities, the engravings of that golden age is not available, but to totally deny this fact that we are the offspring of deities, is wrong. That was our totally civilized embodiment.
We have to bring about this completely, civilized embodiment by purifying the mind and intellect. It is not impossible to reach the complete stage. Just think, how did our powers diminish? It happened when the human soul moved away from its original sanskaars. This original nature was purity. By coming in contact with nature, the soul forgot its purity and started falling into impurity. The vices of lust, anger, ego etc. emerged in the soul due to which the power of the mind and intellect got destroyed. The vice of lust gave physical happiness but gave birth to anger and ego, which made the mind impatient and weakened the intellect.
We know that the mind is a subtle power of the soul which creates thoughts. If one pays attention, one will notice that every minute, at least 30 thoughts come into the mind, and in case someone is angry, upset or having lot of tension, the rate of thoughts increases to about 40 thoughts per minute. The mind runs like a horse. So after lot of tension, a person feels mentally tired and unstable. But when a person is peaceful or happy and without any worries, the speed of the mind slows down creating 20-25 thoughts per minute. When a person learns to control the speed of thoughts from 15 down to 10, and finally to one thought per minute, then their powers will increase immensely. We have heard that in ancient times, the saints and recluse used to meditate in a completely peaceful state of mind, without creating any thought in order to increase their mind power and this is the power of spirituality since mind and intellect are the faculties of the soul.
If any person wishes to make effort he can stabilise his mind and intellect on the Supreme soul, God the father who is an embodiment of light and increase his powers. Since the Supreme soul is all powerful, on stabilising the mind and intellect on Him one can
increase their powers and if one fails to do so, then at least he should not destroy his remaining powers in waste thoughts, tension and waste talk, or in fear, anger, ego or have any bad vicious thoughts. Due to stress one eats in excess, or sleeps in excess, or goes in bad company or indulges in vices which makes a person’s intellect very weak. So who ever wishes to make their mind and intellect powerful, should refrain from these bad habits. Atleast wake up one hour before sunrise since breathing fresh air purifies the mind and increases mental power.
So in this way, try to save the powers of your mind and intellect, which are the supports of a happy life. You should continuously pay attention to their progress, which will help a person increase their will power and also prevent them from getting scared, while facing obstacles and the challenges in life and slowly increase self confidence. In this way, the soul will never get confused during obstacles and will become successful and gain happiness in life. Many philsophers know that lots of dormant powers are available in a human being, which have to be awakened. The reason why these powers have become dormant is because human beings have lowered them with bad habits. This is the reason why we started begging for these from God. But now we have to awaken them. It is only then that human beings will speed up on the path of progress.
The problem is that a person tries to give importance to each little thing and becomes confused eg. If somebody says something to us just for fun and we don’t like it, the result is that we keep remembering that person and their talks and loose our happiness. No matter where we go we will keep thinking of taking revenge on that person. But the person who is light-natured will take everything that is said for fun sake - lightly, it will not matter what the other person says.
The reigns of a person’s mind who is not easy natured is usually in the hands of others. Others can make them laugh or cry. When we like to control others why aren’t we able to control our mind? It is clear that we should make ourselves so elevated in order to experience happiness from anywhere.
We have to imbibe the habit of enjoying happiness of the present and see that the past incidents do not gain control over us. Whether we are at home or at the office, we should try to do our job well wherever we are, otherwise if one commits a mistake and the other is punished, misunderstanding takes place in the office and the children and the wife are punished at home.

CHAPTER 2:Office burden should not be brought home

Though a human mind may be very powerful, when it becomes weak it continuously gets distracted by outside incidents and elements. From the time the person wakes up and till the time he/she goes to bed, the whole day the person feels dependent on others, resulting that he/she cannot enjoy the real truths of life. Why does this subserviency exist? Just think and you will understand this mental science. Eg. A person called Dhampat, wakes up at 8 a.m. and remembers that he has to leave for the office by 9 a.m., so he quickly gets ready. If his wife delays bringing him his breakfast and tea, he becomes upset. He wants to go peacefully to his office but everyday there is some or the other misunderstanding with his wife and with a sad mind, he reaches his office, where everything distracts him. When the officer-in-charge scolds him for something, he forgets his house and starts thinking about the scolding. And later, if there is a problem in his office work, he forgets his officer and gets engrossed in solving the problem. Afterwards while sitting with friends, they start talking about different things, like films or politics and he plays an important role in the conversation. So in this manner, his mind is always occupied in different situations, and if he has an argument with anyone, he comes home with a heavy heart.
Now at home the long awaiting children on seeing their father, run towards him but the poor father unnecessarily shouts at them, instead of giving them love. If by chance the wife tells him not to shout at the children for no reason, poor Dhanpat’s sorrow pours out in the form of tears and says, he is helpless, people are troubling him a lot and are not allowing him to live in peace. In this way, by blaming others he hides his defects and becomes innocent.
Almost every person has to go through this kind of cycle. If children have working parents, then they are deprived of their parent’s love and sustenance, resulting in incomplete progress. In life’s rat race many people try to bring office work home resulting in an unhappy life.
In order to gain satisfaction in all walks of life, one should think that “life is a play, different incidents are like different scenes of this play,” so I should not remember the past scenes and make my life peaceless. In this life we have to attain bliss, why should I make myself heavy due to these small worldly incidents. This is just a play, with this understanding make yourself light.

CHAPTER 3 : Form Some Ideals in Life

A human being is an ideal, living being among God’s creations, who has thinking power, conscious power. The human can be graded the highest among all other living species. The vibrations of human beings’ thoughts flow in all directions. Since the human soul’s mind is very powerful, it makes an effect on nature, others people and species too. If a human being becomes vicious, then animals become vicious as well. If the members of some family are peaceful in nature, then the same will be seen of the pets in that house. The human being is the pillar of the world. When we are peaceful and happy, then nature and the entire world becomes a peaceful kingdom.
Just as much as a human being is important, so are their thoughts. Keeping this in mind, we need to make some powerful rules and regulations in life. A life without values or fundamentals is valueless. Once the fundamentals are formed, a person should imbibe them in life with determination; no matter what sacrifices we have to make, we should stick to our ideals.
Given below are some principles. Making them your life’s companions will give you lots of satisfaction and you may become popular due to these ideals. You may have to pass through some tests when you imbibe these rules, but will pass with flying colours. Remember, gold is purified only after putting it in fire and burning out the alloy. Until the alloy is not removed, the dirt in your life will remain. Some principles are:
• I will give happiness to everyone in all situations. I will never give sorrow to anyone.
• I will always remain humble and never allow arrogance to enter the temple of my life.
• My aim will be to protect the weak
• I will not waste my time in mocking others or think waste about others or indulge in useless talk
• I will not lose courage in any situation
• I will remain a hard worker and not be slack
• I will never use bitter language
• I will never indulge in any disputes because of wealth etc.
• I will always keep myself full with the treasure of contentment
• I will never lie or be unfair with anyone
Some more fundamentals could be formed and kept in front of our family or society since these values have disappeared from our present society. Everyone is drifting in the stream of Iron Age. No one has the courage to choose a different path and the new generation has become disheartened not finding any ideals, and feel that unrighteousness is the way of life. We cannot blame the new generation. All the ideals have got hidden in the dark clouds of corruption and misconduct, so no one can find a bit of truth. We have to remove the curtain and see who comes forward to show the ideals.
As it was mentioned earlier, if anyone wants to stick with their fundamentals, he/she may have to tolerate a lot from people but eventually, success with be theirs. The whole world will praise their worth and follow their way of living. So throw away the fear of helplessness and form some firm ideals in your life. Remember, whatever a human being wants to do, he/she can do it.
All the members of a family can join together and form some resolutions. One gentleman had instilled a rule that he would never allow non-veg food to be cooked in his house, nor drink alcohol or offer it to anyone in a party. Though he had to attend lots of big parties and guests in his house would request for non-veg food, he remained firm on his ideals. No matter where he was, he would take only vegetarian food and others too started adopting a vegetarian diet, with the result that he became famous in his community and his clan is following these rules up till today.
As we see, ideals are the supporting pillars of society. If this support is weak then society becomes weak too. The members are neither given any importance nor respect. So sensible people should start to live a life with ideals. This will be their true service to humanity.

CHAPTER 4: Your Life is very valuable.

A human being is forgetting the importance of their life. In this materialistic age there was a time when importance was given to a person’s character, their words, their virtues, But today importance s only given to wealth, which leads the person to the path of sin and throws him/her into the dirty canal of addiction and makes them stand behind prison bars. A person is a being with consciousness, a beautiful mind and elevated intellect. He/She has thinking faculty and if they wish they can make their life a treasure of happiness. But the desire for wealth has corrupted the mind and intellect, with the result that wealth alone has become their God and everything.
What makes a human life valuable? Time, breath, words, thoughts, virtues, powers, happiness, peace… All these are invaluable treasures of life and on losing them, a person becomes valueless. You must have seen many of your acquaintances cursing their bad luck, but they are the ones who have wasted their time and so time has dominated over them. Many people are seen surrounded by problems and tensions and those are the ones, who have wasted and polluted their thoughts. Many talkative others irritate others with their talk. They do not know that through limited talk, the value of their life will increase.
Many people have lost total happiness and peace due to bad habits. When they started their addictions, they enjoyed but when those same addictions started eating them up, they came to their senses. Countless people are leading a sad life. Happiness cannot be bought in shops. Their sins have snatched their happiness away.
So know the value of your life. The most important time in ones life is his/her childhood and it is very sad that in the present times, no matter where these children go, with whom they go, there is no one to give value-based education to them. How will time shape them? We have heard those who repent saying “How good it would have been if someone had given us a value-based education in our childhood”. So in order to give a bright future to the new generation, the older generation should show them the right path. The children should refrain from reading bad books or filmy magazines or wasting time in play. In the golden times of childhood one should fill ones mind with positive thoughts, pay full attention to health and try to gain inspiration from every situation and adopt virtues from every person.
Tensions begin as soon as you open your eyes; this is no life. The person who is accompanied by tensions to his/her death bed leads a life full of obstacles and hardships, and finally cries out, “What is the need of this kind of life?” Human life is a beautiful gift from God. Life is to exchange happiness, to bring benefit to others, to sustain others with love. The life of that person is very valuable, who maintains pure thoughts, whose dealings with others are pure, and on the contrary, a person who is corrupt, without morals and subservient to vices is like an animal.
Know your value; there is no one as valuable as you are in the whole world. One rich man asked a poor person to sell one of his eyes for 10 million rupees, as his son had lost one eye. As the poor person could manage with one eye and also get so much money, the deal would help him. But the poor man was not ready to sell his eye at any cost. So, such value these eyes have and how can one see vicious things with these eyes?
A person values each moment only at the time when he/she is on the deathbed. Otherwise, during their lifetime, they keep wasting their time. If sensible people give importance to time, then time will make them important. Actually, those who are always out of time, are those who waste time. Your life has a lot of value. You are the support for many. You can ignite the light of hope in many people’s life. You have to fulfill the desires of many people. You should become so worthy that you pass all tests with flying colours. Do not sell your life at the rate of shells/stones. Become worthy so that your family and society are proud of you. If you waste time in unnecessarily just eating, sleeping and talking, not taking responsibility to complete any task, not hard-working, then your life has no value.
Our present life is most valuable. You have met God in this life. You can become a deity by imbibing His knowledge and become fortunate in every birth. Acquire the blessings from God and make yourself worthy by serving mankind. Give importance to your life, only then will others give you importance.

CHAPTER 5 : Anger Kills the Conscience

The world has many billionaires as well as total beggars, but the one who has anger is kept first. A millionaire could be arrogant but a person with anger invites a lot of difficulties and obstacles in their life. A millionaire has a kind of royal personality and an angry person feels anger to be a special part of their personality. A millionaire has to decide whether they own the wealth or wealth owns them. In the same way, people with an angry nature should ask themselves, if they own anger or vice versa. Either way, anger is bad. It is said that where there is anger, all the treasures of peace, happiness, contentment are lost. Anger is such a devil that always has its eyes set on these treasures. So just think whether you love these treasures or the devil.
On seeing an angry father entering the house, the children run and hide, just as rats hide on seeing a cat. If an elderly person in the house has an angry nature, it destroys the peace and happiness of the family. The intellect of the children stops progressing and many peoples’ lives sink into the darkness of sorrow and hopelessness. The price of anger has to be first paid by the angry people themselves. They should know that anger destroys the conscience. It is the greatest enemy of the intellect. Anger makes a person commit sins and throws them behind prison bars. It weakens the decision-making power, resulting in lots of problems in life. You might have heard that anger begins with senselessness and ends with repentance. Anger makes the intellect fade away and the person starts using foul words, burns in the fire of anger and when this fire stops, they repent. It is the greatest enemy that starts with sorrow and ends with sorrow, so naturally the middle portion has to be full of sorrow as well. Indulging in anger is a sin. Other’s feelings are hurt too. Anger is the root of sin and the fruit of sin is always bad.
Even children are seen indulging in this vice. All children should know that the intellect gets destroyed through anger. So those who want to do well in their studies should sacrifice anger. Parents should pay attention to keep the household environment peaceful and not do anything, which will increase anger of agitation, otherwise, this may effect their future. Scientifically, everyone knows that anger leads to tension and tension in turn, leads to acidity or ulcers. This affects the digestive system and makes the brain weak. It can also lead to high blood pressure. So one should sacrifice this poison for their life.
Many people in authority say that we have to shout at our employees, otherwise the work is not done properly. But the question is, do they really work better after your shouting? Just think, can the fire of anger ever quench thirst by anger? Fill yourself with good feelings and love. This power will do wonders. The weapon of love is much more powerful than the weapon of anger.
Why does a human being fall prey to anger? The weak and sensitive mind is easily attacked by anger. Where there is arrogance, anger takes birth. Many have made anger their nature. It is a chronic disease that will continue to make you weak. A strong person is one who knows how to control himself/herself. To be free from anger, free yourself from unnecessary desires. Remember, every person has his or her own capacities. They all cannot work according to our wishes. We should try to know the other person’s nature, capacities and weaknesses, so that we can escape from this fire. Never say, “Why did he/she not do this work? Why did they say this? Why didn’t they obey me?” This question of ‘why’, used in many fields of life, gives birth to anger. ‘I want the work to be done in my way,’- please ease off on this thought. Just ask yourself, do I work according to other people’s wishes. No one in this world can work up to everybody’s standards. Knowing this fact, please do not limit your desires, then automatically, your anger will diminish. ‘Patience’ is a great virtue. Patience is the medicine for anger.
Just wait, stop your mind before reacting. If you have something to say, then please wait. Listen to the other person with patience, answer patiently. ‘I don’t want to get angry since anger makes one’s personality dirty and corrupts the thoughts.’ Make this pledge and repeat it every morning. Bring some good thoughts in your mind and anger will definitely finish.
Come, let us all have a fountain of love, happiness and peace in every house and make our lives worthy by bathing in this fountain. We have to sacrifice anger and then others will follow our example. We have to tell our children the importance of love. No matter how much work one has to do, it should be done without agitation or anger.
CHAPTER 6 : Your Words Are Very Valuable

Talking is a natural action of a human being. Everyone keeps talking but only sensible people are able to keep quiet. Some people’s words become like treasures and inspirations for others. Other’s words pull people out of helpless situations and give them courage. But there are few people, whose words give sorrow to others, make them helpless, take away their happiness and throw them in the storm of stress.
Ordinary people do not know the value to their words. They just speak, not knowing what to say, where to talk, how much to talk and when to keep silent. Sometimes, even after talking a lot, a person is unable to convey the meaning clearly, and that person cannot be called sensible. But the one, who speaks with clarity and uses few words, is a sensible person. Our physical and mental energy is wasted in excess talking, resulting in that the person cannot inculcate anything and cannot stabilise their intellect anywhere. Those in the teaching profession may have observed that after hours of sessions, a teacher feels mentally tired. If anyone wishes to become a scholar in any field, he/she should talk less.
Our words should be such that others feel happy on listening to us and not feel like running away. A person who tends to speak less gets more importance and it also a sign of being intellectual. Sweet words can give the taste of a melody. Words full of respect, regard and love can increase love and unity among family members, and end disputes.
Pay attention that when you are talking to your children or any outsider, your children are constantly learning from you and they will use the same language with others. Never say things that will hurt the children. Even if they are not behaving well or not smart, you have to bring enthusiasm and courage in them with your words. If you keep telling them they are unfit and dull,

these words will definitely have adverse effects on their mind and intellect and make them duller.
If someone is struck with some chronic disease in your house, you should console and support them in such a condition. Never curse their bad luck and keep saying, “My entire savings are gone because of this disease.” No one has control over any disease, but instead if you speak sweetly with them, they may recover sooner.
You are inviting repentance in the end, by getting angry with someone and using bad language. Everyone knows that words once spoken cannot be taken back. Words can make enemies and friends as well, and it up to us whether we want to increase the number of enemies or friends we have. So first assess and then speak. Even is something makes you angry, control your language and this will save you from many difficult situations. Nothing is spent by talking sweet words, so why don’t we use the language which will give happiness to others and increase our elevated treasure. If you want to create an elevated personality for yourself, if you want to become famous, if you want people to love you, then make your speech sweet.
Your high-grade words will increase your respect in society and if you keep using waste talk, then people will quickly lower your value. So learn how to talk. Remember one small proverb – Speak in the way you would like to hear from others. What will be your reaction if others use foul language with you, or lie to you? Realising this, extract goodness from bad dealings as well.
Come, let us take a pledge to talk sweetly. Give importance to each of your words, then your controlled words will free you from many disputes and irritations. Make your family and household environment loving, through your clean and sweet language. Your words should be so inspiring that it should be difficult to forget them. Your words should reflect your personality and those with sweet words become elevated human beings and act as a guide for many others.
CHAPTER 7: Speak Sweetly
A human being’s speech reflects their inner stage. A person with a bitter nature will speak bitter words and the one with a sweet nature, will always speak sweetly. Some curse through their words, some give blessings, some words pierce the heart and some silence anger.
The belief of saints is “Sweet words are very valuable, speak sweetly.” One does not go through any expense by talking sweetly, but still people do not want to do it and prefer to pierce arrows and destroy others’ peace. Many people are very clever, but excessive talk does not reflect sensibility. They think they are smart, but they have wrong opinion about themselves. Mental power is destroyed either by more thinking or talking and brings about physical weakness too, resulting in being unable to face difficulties properly.
The proverb says, “Speech is silver, but silence is golden.” Especially for those on the spiritual path, less speech is like powerful nectar. A talkative person can never gain victory in any field of life. You do not have to remain dumb under all situations, but speak few, sensible, powerful words. A person does not have to talk unnecessarily or use bad language. Our words can make our problems worse or give proper solutions. A dispute started between two people and each one wanted to show his worth and so became enemies. I suggested to one of them, “Friend, the elders are those who forgive.” These words changed him completely and destroyed all animosity in his mind. A talkative person argues to prove themselves, and so extends issues, but if you want to get happiness out of life, please do not increase any small matter. The animosity among families goes on for generation after generation. Bad language is like a sword, the injury of which never heals throughout life. So, please shower cool waters of your humble words.
Also pay attention that your words do not discourage anyone, but give zeal and enthusiasm. Then automatically, you yourself will be successful in life. I have witnessed an incident where a child was mentally disturbed and his parents admitted him into one ashram. The manager-in-charge of that ashram awakened his consciousness with lots of love, understanding, zeal and enthusiasm to such an extent that this child, now grown-up, can do many of the ashram’s tasks successfully and with ease.
There are many well-educated, literate, sensible people who do not know how to speak sweetly, but instead want to hear sweet words from others. Our behaviour should be the same as the kind we expect from others. In order to gain happiness in life, learn the art of speaking sweetly and how to have love in your words and in your behaviour.

CHAPTER 8: Win Over Anger Through Patience
The fire of anger is burning among many families and it keeps increasing day by day. This fire is fanned by the storm of difficulties in ones life. It is like an epidemic disease, which spreads from one person to another resulting in Mahabharat war. Without any doubt anger is such a devil that, whichever person possess it is himself /herself destroyed. This devil is black but the person on whom it mounts itself becomes red as a furnace. Those who chant do not have the chants, no doctors have any medicine to kick out this devil. A person with this vice becomes one with dull intellect. That is why it is said Anger starts with madness and finishes with repentance. Anger destroys ones consciousness. A person’s blood becomes hot and circulates quickly which gives rises to many diseases. It is a sign of a weak personality; a strong person never gets angry so easily. An angry person is a coward who increases their difficulties. He/She experiences peace and happiness for a moment. He/She feels honoured only in fighting. He/She feels strength in it. They want to scare others, but in reality they themselves are afraid of everything.
Some members of your family may get angry easily but some have lesser anger or can control their anger and some find their anger uncontrollable and burst like a big bomb. Some feel tolerance is good bit others feel answering back is a sign of victory. Everyone knows that anger is very bad. A person burns himself or herself and makes others burn as well.
There are many more losses through anger – constant hatred in relationships, tensions, family never enjoys happiness. An angry person speaks such unbearable words to others that they become enemies. Father and children, Man and woman and many fall prey to this anger and if you are in the same position, anger will keep sowing the seeds of failure. Though people will get scared of you, they will not co-operate with you out of love and respect. This anger has not even spared saints and sages. The anger of Durwasa and Vishwamitra are very famous. The intelligence of many philosophers go unnoticed because of anger. People start to doubt their elevated work. They to want to show their godliness by cursing people who try to trouble them. But whoever indulges in anger can be called a devil and on whomever it mounts itself on, that person turns into a devil for sometime.
What is the reason if anger? Where is its source? The first seed of anger is arrogance or ego and the second is a weak mind. The ways to increase mind power. Imbibe those ways and free yourself from anger. Coming into feeling or having a sensitive nature is also the reason for getting angry. I went to meet a prisoner in jail who said that he had got very angry with his wife on a small matter and he cut both of her hands which is why he is in jail for many years. He repents and

cries day and night but nothing can be done know. So, this is the result of getting trapped in this devil – the human loses his/her humanity and becomes inhuman. I know one person who accomplishes many big tasks but indulges in anger at the same time, resulting in he being defamed all the time.
You must have seen many people who lose their temper over small things. Our neighbour had such a husband. One day his child broke a glass and this man got so angry and started beating the child so badly that his mouth started bleeding. The other neighbours had to save the child from getting beaten up and the man had to spend thousands of rupees on medication.
Many people on authority indulge in anger so that they control the entire staff but anger is not the way to control others. It is like trying to put out fire by pouring oil on it. How can a person control the anger of the staff when he/she cannot control their own anger? The subordinates will get even angrier and curse the manager behind his/her back. The manager will lose their respect since they insult others in anger and so the too will have to face insults sometime or the other.
The power and efficiency to work decreases when a person is angry. Their hands start to shake, their intellect becomes weak, they are unable to assess the situation and this destroys the work every time. The task that could be done in one hour by a peaceful mind takes two hours if the person is angry.
So free yourself from anger in this way. Before anger comes question ‘why’ it arises in a persons mind. E.g. why did he not obey me? why did he do this mistake? Why did she tell me this? Why did she insult me? Why did he disturb my sleep? Why was this not made in time. Why did he come late? So in order to know this ‘why’ please ponder on it for half a minute. That’s it and you will be answered for why, and your anger will turn into peace.
Make an aim for yourself, “I don’t have to get angry.” You will get a lot of help. You may have heard or met many such people who have formed pledges, that they will not get angry under any situation. This results is an increase in tolerance power and a tendency to remain more and more peaceful.
When someone is getting angry with you, you do not have to talk, because at that time, your well-wishing words will sound like bad advice to the angry person. If your silence makes the person angrier, them reply with humility. But pay attention that your words do not increase their anger or fan their ego. If anger has become part of your nature, then inculcate this – “I am not a body made up of 5 elements. I am a conscious soul and my religion is peace. I am peaceful and blissful. God is my Supreme Father, who is the Ocean of Peace.” This kind of inculcation will calm down your nature.
When someone speaks angrily to you, how do you feel? You definitely must want them to speak to you with love. Even lions can be controlled with love but when you yourself start burning in this fire, you probably do not take the pains to think about how the other person is feeling. In order to make your house a temple of peace, throw out this demon of anger from your house. Carry the weapons of patience and forgiveness. Sometimes importance is given to small matters and not to the peace of the house. One always keeps blaming other for their own anger, but why do you allow anger to enter your life because of others? Someone has made a mistake but you too are doing wrong by getting angry. It is said that anger dries off the water in pots. There is no peace where there is anger. In the scriptures, demons symbolise anger, so become sensible and never allow yourself to get irritated over anything.

It is also seen that anger increases with age. Many old people are seen to sit in a corner and burn themselves in anger, day and night. They do not know how to pass the last few days of their life journey. The reason for their irritation is their ego or they think they are experienced. They think a lot but cannot do anything due to a weak body. This imbalance gives birth to anger. They keep shouting at their children, “You will waste away all of my savings, you will destroy the house…when I die, you will all die of hunger.” The way they dominate is as if they alone are the bestower of fortune to their children. An elderly person of the family should have elevated thoughts. They should become an example. They should know and accept that they have almost finished their journey of life. ‘I earned a lot and enjoyed my life, not it is my children’s turn to enjoy their life.’ Actually, old parents cannot bear to see their young children enjoying themselves, because they keeping remembering their own young days and some unfulfilled desires, and therefore keep getting angry. An older person should have mature thoughts; one who can show the path to the younger generation. They should earn respect through their elevated behaviour. They need not confuse themselves in the household matters but think, “Since I am old, I now have to prepare myself for the next birth.” In this way, they have to become carefree from worldly responsibilities and progress towards spirituality.
If you are a younger member of the family, then stop fighting and sulking, otherwise you will not be happy with your life. If you are not happy in your young days then when else will you experience it? You must have seen the smiling face of Sri Krishna in his pictures, just look at him and bring back your happiness.
By conquering anger, bring back happiness to your house, so that life blossoms like a flower, where there is no fighting and no hatred, everyone loves each other and speaks such gentle words that give calmness to other’s hearts.

CHAPTER 9 : Adorne Your Life With Divine Virtues
“If the tree of life is full of colourful flowers, then its sweet fragrance of virtues will definitely spread throughout the world, and the life which is full of thorns will naturally prick and injure everyone.” There is no peace where there are thorns and where there are flowers, there is no bitterness. A virtuous life is liked by others and us too. Virtues are like diamonds and pearls, studded in the building of our life. A virtuous life cannot be measured on scales. Let one side of the scale be filled with all the treasures of the world and on the other side, a virtuous life. The life will definitely be more valuable.
imbibing virtues in their life. If someone lacks virtues then they do not try to adopt them. A person with awareness will try to fill his/her life with divine virtues.
A virtuous person, though poverty-stricken, is much better than a wealthy person who never tries to wear the garland of virtues around their neck. Virtues give self-contentment and one can experience peace and happiness. In contrast, someone with a withered face and discontentment can never enjoy bliss in their life. Since you have got human life, adorn it with divine virtues to such an extent that other worldly decorations look dull in comparison. Few divine virtues are described in detail below:
ROYALTY: described as a human being who is civilised and full of self-respect. Each one’s diet, dealings and behaviour should royal. Insulting others, being in the company of low character people, getting angry all the time, not listening to others with patience, talking in excess or without being asked to talk all show that one is unroyal.
A royal person deals peacefully with others; no matter how other people behave, we should not leave our royalty. Ancient kings and their families reflected lot of royalty during their life. In present times, those from good family backgrounds, who are educated, they should be royal in their behaviour and teach others the same. A royal person never asks for anything, they are contented with what they have, they never lose their temper when insulted by others. Their behaviour will reflect greatness, they never use foul language nor listen to it. By knowing that royalty is a kingly tendency, imbibe it easily and naturally in your life.
CONTENTMENT: A contented person is always happy with their attainments in life. This does not imply that we have to close the doors of progress; to keep working and achieving is a virtue, but has to be done with contentment. First of all we have to be content with ourselves. It is only then we can give contentment to others. To be pleased with others is very important. If every person aims at remaining content and giving contentment, then that family will be a happy one.
Remember, your contentment should not depend in material comforts; that kind of contentment is not long-lasting. Such a person cannot be content throughout their life. We should remember that the person, who is happy with the self, will always remain content. Thirst for material comforts will increase the desires and confuse a person in the jungle of discontentment. Some people, inspite of having everything, never are satisfied or full. The reason for this is that they are competing with others. Stop looking at others, in order to gain happiness in your life. Where there is contentment there is prosperity, and where there is discontentment, there is poverty. Ask yourself, what do you want? Happiness in life or material comforts. If on acquiring material things you still do not feel content, then they cannot give you true happiness.

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