Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We all know that the transformation of one individual has led to the transformation of about nine lakh people in the world at present. Perhaps, the transformation may not be to cent per cent level, but the transformation has taken place and has been going on at a faster pace. This process of transformation has come to convince all of us that the world is decisively poised for a major positive transformation in the near future. We also know that various religions were established by different prophets at different times. They nowhere mentioned that they had come to establish religions. Their thoughts took shape in the form of a religion not during their life time, but much later. But, here the transformational process is given lot of emphasis to carve-out better human beings through regular study. The teacher is the Lord Himself. This fact has been announced in advance and has been repeated time and again which makes all the difference. Even though the force behind the transformation is that of the Lord, but real efforts are to be made by the spiritual aspirants. God, as the teacher of humankind has been teaching us, but it is our job to study. God Shiva selected Brahma Baba as the right student to have access to the lessons on self transformation because of his higher qualities among the multitude of human beings in the world. Brahma Baba occupies the unique position for being the corporeal father of humanity. Therefore, the studies to become the real Brahma, – the Brahma dev, as has been named and recorded in the scriptures, assumes unprecedented potential and significance. Brahma Baba set an example for other students to follow. His life and his words of wisdom remind us of his sterling qualities which enabled him to become the first student of the Lord and ultimately the best student in the history of the world. Similarly, he became the first and the best godly servant of the Lord. His actions always projected the Lord to the world and not himself.
The ascension day of Brahma Baba celebrated every year on 18th January gives us an opportunity to re-locate our position of spiritual endeavour and resolve resolutely to catch up with him. Here is a bird’s eye view of his efforts and his attainments.
Brahma Baba was in search of the Lord, greater wisdom and higher life. When he received the first vision itself, he started constructively pondering over the reality. He started receiving the teachings in good faith, not raising any questions. He came to discriminate and judge the teachings in their right perspective. He was able to perceive and realize the truth that God had descended on him and was teaching him. He came to have the highest regard for the Lord and also his teachings. Therefore, he implemented the directions of the Lord on a day to day basis. Excited, intoxicated and thrilled, he firmly believed that he was going to be the praiseworthy and worship worthy Sri Narayan in the golden age in his next birth.

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