Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Bk bhagwan bhai mount abu

In this final stage of Iron Age, religion has reached the lowest depths of degradation. As such an hour, God himself has come down to the earth, to give the reward of Bhakti (devotion). The reward is transformation of human beings into deities through the teachings of knowledge, meditation and elevated actions. This short period, when we make our own destiny, when the human souls meet with the Supreme Soul, is called the Diamond Age. This is also the time to make efforts and get due rewards. In this age, we get the reward of Bhakti but also the chance to make our destiny for the next 5000 years. Hence, we have to make use of every second of this time. One of the easy ways to make fast progress is to get blessings from all. So that there will be less of hard work and more of success. When we don't get blessings from others, then we work harder and succeed less of ten. At the time of destruction of world transformation, our stock of blessings will protect us. Blessings of other souls help us to remain trouble free. Therefore, in the present time, we have to make it our aim to get as many blessings from others as we can. This will ensure more success in less time. We need not make lots of efforts in that case. Moreover, we will experience the flying stage easily. Just as we take blessings from others, we have to give blessings too.

Methods for getting blessings:

1. By doing elevated deeds, you can reap blessings: You have to conduct ourselves throughout the day in such a way it can bring others blessings to you. Do your duty with all your heart, remaining in a yogyukt stage, do it as if it were Baba's service and do it with love. Blessing will help you to remain unshakeable and immovable.

2. When you satisfy everybody, you get blessings: whoever comes in your contact, make that soul feel contented, you will get blessings in return. But before you satisfy others, it is necessary to satisfy yourself. If you are discontented, dissatisfied, then you can 't make others contented. Give each person whatever he/she needs. Give co-operation, affection, strength, peace or whatever the other needs and he/she will bless you with all his/her heart.

3. Speak encouraging, morale-boosting and sweet words: If a person is feeling low due to some problem or circumstances and you speak some words of encouragement to speed up the efforts, some words of hope which makes the other trouble free, even then you get that soul's blessings. Praise persons, note down his/her qualities, show them right way. In order to receive such blessings you should speak sweet, tactful and benevolent words. Such words will inspire them; increase their patience and enthusiasm. Everybody likes to hear such words. Instead- if we speak sharp cutting words we will receive curses, which will become an obstacle in our meditation. We should not speak ill of others and never speak of their faults. Baba always tells us to speak less, to speak softly and to speak sweetly. This way we can receive other's blessings.

4. Service through mind is a source of blessings: We have to get up at amritvela, then concentrate our mind and intellect and do the service of giving spiritual power, peace, and goodwill and of purifying the atmosphere by spreading pure vibrations. Such an atmosphere will be free from vices and those who come into such atmosphere will experience peace and bliss. When we spread such vibrations we also receive blessings of the souls who are influenced by these vibrations. These blessings will help in your meditation. But for doing such type of service, we have to inculcate the virtues like mercy, benevolence and brotherly attitude. Only then can we succeed in this service. Our mind should be free from the feelings of jealousy, hatred and contempt. In the present atmosphere of sorrow and peace-less, it is necessary to do the service of spreading vibrations of peace, purity and power. This service is also a good source of blessings of many souls.

5. Get blessing by transforming yourself with the colour of the True Companion: - Seeing our elevated life, others get inspired to evaluate us. Our life should be such. Remember, The way I amt, seeing me, others will act in the same way. We should follow every Godly rule and discipline. By doing this, our life will naturally become inspirational. Our conduct, behaviour, contacts, speech, and actions should be exemplary and should produce feelings of joy and peace. We can do this only when our mind and intellect are constantly linked with Baba. Such a life will definitely inspire others and will be rewarded with be rewarded with lots of blessings from other souls.

6. By showing the path of knowledge to ignorant souls you can get blessings:-Today human beings are miserable because they don’ t have the right knowledge. Hence God is giving us the true knowledge. When we give this precious knowledge about getting rid of vices and leading a peaceful and happy life, to other souls, then we receive their blessings. Whoever comes in our contact, we have to give them the true knowledge through speech, letters or books so that they can free themselves from the vices and lead a happy life, by doing this service, you can get lots of blessings.

By these methods we can collect blessings of other souls. But we have to give blessings too. How to give blessing to others?

Forgive, be humble, inculcate the power of tolerance, and be peaceful. All this will help you to bless others.

Suppose somebody commits a wrong deed, at that moment we should not have the feelings of anger, hatred, revenge or contempt for that soul. Instead, we should think that it was some account of the previous birth. Thinking this we should forgive him / her. This is one way of giving blessings. By being forgiven, that soul will never do the wrong again. Our goodwill will give that soul strength and power. Hence, to tolerate and to be calm and peaceful is to give blessings to others.

In order to make good use of every moment of this diamond Age, have good wishes for everyone. We are the deities to –be. So we have to give blessings to others. That is why there is this memorial of ours in Bhakti. The souls are invoking and praying to their deities. So we have to bless them. Only such efforts will enable us to become and angel our devotees to see divine visions and it will also reveal Bapdada’s divine work. Therefore, give and take blessings keep flying and helping others to fly.

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