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The Thought

1. Thought
2. Effect of thought
3. Thoughts have co lour
4. Positive thoughts as medicine
5. Thought is the Nucleus
6. The Greatest Instrument – Thought
7. Language of thoughts
8. Self respect creates elevated thoughts
9. The Thought and Thinker
10. Our questions determine our thoughts.
11. Start the day well
12. Try to think one pure thought every day
13. Be what you want to be
14. Power of your thought
15. Mental diet
16. How to develop well thought?
17. The law of belief
18. Plying planes with thought power pushpak in man in the offing
19. Power and effect of thought
20. Kingdom of happiness
21. About the knowledge the self and the soul is the key for positive thinking
22. Silence is golden
23. Eternal laws

4. Thoughts have colour

Thoughts have colour and are measurable. The aura emanating from a human being has colour. The golden, blue and black colour of an aura indicate a Satvic Rajavik, and Tamavic mind respectively. Now a days thoughts waves are being measured in terms of theta, beta, Alpha ans Gama. An ordinary human being has Beta waves. Silence to the maximum indicates Gama waves. B.K. R. D. Janaki is proved to have acquired this unique wave in an exclusive experiment carried on by the Pennysylvania University of the U.S.A.

Thoughts are then waves in the Ether. Hence these can transmitted to the desire persons or to the targeted place or desired thought waves can easily be received by the respective minds. Transfering thoughts by one person to another istermed as telepathy in occult sciences.

Like all othe r energies, thoughts is also an energy which can even kill or give life. When a particular place is full of similar thoughts we call it an atmosphere. This is now a religious p;ace a temple a church or a Mosque create a atmosphere of devotion dedication and prayer. Similar thoughts attracts one another. The like mind people flock together.

5.Positsive Thoughts as Medicine

Your life is what your thoughts make of it. Transform your attitudes and thoughts and you will transform the quality of like you are living. Transform your negative thought into positive one day everything will change into inner peace, plenty and positive health.

Most of the neerrotic diseases are caused due to negative thinking. On the attitudes and thoughts depends on health, our happy feeling and peace our efficiency and stamina and our relationship with others. Therefore those thoughts which bring about a feeling of disappointment anxiety, rage, hypertension etc. are called negative thoughts. In other word the negative feelings alter the steady stage and they challenge or put stress on the adoptive mechanism of the body these are considered the causes of all sufferings.

Positive thinking makes the mind healthy, As most disease are first, born in the human mind and then cripple the body organs, positive thinking act as an antidote to neutralize the origin.

Rajyoga meditation is the method and the practice which enables one to stabiles in the self. This is aimed, at realization of the true nature of the soul and attainment of bliss and peace. It frees the soul of all morbid thoughts and psychopathological states and gives it purity and lasting peace.

6.The Power and effect of thoughts

You are responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Thoughts have great power. You create your feelings and experiences by the thoughts you choose to thing.

You have the ability to create your thought in positive way.

Frequent repetition of the same types of thoughts creates your belief and attitudes.

Thoughts one like seeds, you plant, in your mind the mere you hold on to a particular thought. The more you can invent in it.

Positive thoughts are those of silence, love, peace and happiness they give us energy and strength.

Negative thoughts are those of doubt, aggression, guilt, jealously. These thoughts rob us of power and strength and makes us feel tired and drained.

What you believe comes true for you.

You can’t control other people situation can circumstances you can control what is going on inside of you.

Develop the habit of watching yourself listen to what your are telling yourself.

7. The Thought And Thinker
( Both Are Metaphysical)

Example: Chair And Car Occupy Space But Thoughts And Ideas Are Spaceless. Chair And Car Deteriorate With The Passage Of Time, They Get Worn Out And Ultimately, Get Destroyed. But Ideas And Concepts May Not Necessarily Get Destroyed Or Encialed By Time, Instead, They May Get More Energy And May Become More Known In course Of Time.

More Use Of physical Thing Is The Wear And Tear. But Thought And Ideas Become More Clear, Deep And Strengthened By More And Better Usage.

Thought And Ideas Are Not By-Products Of the Brain.

Thought Is The Basis Of All Actions And It Is The Soul, Which Thinks Through The Mechanism Of The Brain. Good Thoughts Bring Any One Peace And Evil Thoughts Result In Mental Tension And Peacelessness. One Should Therefore, Know The Thoughts So As To Be In Peace And to Spread Vibration Of Peace.
God Shiva

8. Thought is the nucleus.

I know how important thoughts are. Thoughts are the nucleus from which every action, every vibration springs. Thoughts shape our world. Thoughts are fertilized by knowledge usually creates thoughts in harmony with that knowledge. Knowledge usually creates thoughts in harmony with that knowledge. Knowledge gives wisdom; a person without knowledge is a person whose thought will be formed in ignorance.

Before people had correct knowledge of the shape of the world, thy thought that it was flat. Think how this thought, based on incorrect knowledge, must have affected people’s lives. No doubt belief system must have evolved around this thought. Cultural patterns, attitudes and expression must have been clearly influenced by this incorrect knowledge. Moreover, the incorrect thinking was not just isolated to one individual or a group of individuals, it was mass popular thinking. Perhaps it is mass ignorance.

Today I also live in a worked where there is inaccurate, incorrect and inadequate knowledge. Many people still have improper knowledge of themselves, of their destiny, of their purpose in life and of God. These misconceptions lead them to a life of improper action based on improper thoughts.

One of the aspects of knowledge most lacking in today’s world is that of self.
To explore and define oneself only in terms of the physical is a great error. To think that I am only my body is to be body-conscious. To be body-conscious means to express my whole life on the basis of inaccurate perceptions based on incorrect knowledge.

9. Self Respect Creates Elevated Thoughts:

Elevated thoughts are the decoration of elevated souls – elevated thoughts are such that they can cross the physical walls and are free from selfish motives. Such thoughts are automatically created when one stays in the stage of self respect.

The vicious vibration of the Iron Age cannot touch those who are under the God’s vision. So in order to free yourself from any iron – aged sorrow or obstacle you have to stay in your self respect and automatically other people will obey you and give you co-operation as they see royal sanskars emerge in you.

When you remain set on the seat, your seat will always have the canopy of protection of the rays of powers of the sun of knowledge. You get off the seat and build a wall of wasteful and weak thoughts. Are you going to continue these games even now? The world is waiting for you messengers of peace to come. Our deities are about to come to give us blessing of peace. They are crying out loudly and ringing bells loudly. Sometimes, they even beat drums etc. They are calling out come! come! If you deity souls still continue with your children games, then how would you hear the call? Therefore listen to their call and have mercy on them. Do you understand? What you have to do?

Maintaining self respect and giving respect to others means we create a beautiful kingdom.

10. The Greatest Instrument - Thought

The most powerful instrument that mankind possesses is thought power. I look at the physical world and observe the devastating power of atomic and nuclear weapons. A nuclear warhead the size of a cricket ball can wipe out a whole city, even an entire country ; and yet who made such devices? Man or to be more accurate, the mind of man. And which is the most powerful, creator or creation?

The one who creates has the greater power. Some say that our thoughts are more powerful than nuclear weapons. So what has gone wrong? Why can I not use this power of the mind to benefit myself and others?

Firstly, I have forgotten that I ever had this power, and secondly, I no longer have the ability to harness and make use of it.

I have forgotten that I am a soul and have developed the false concept of myself as being merely a body; and in so doing, I immediately limit myself to all that is physical. However, life does not exist only on a physical level. For example, I have to think, remember, decide, experience, judge, learn and a long list of other functions that the body itself cannot perform. Can the body has memory or the ability to judge? Is it my leg, my elbow, my nose? It is the soul that performs these tasks.

11. Language of thoughts

One Conversation is through the language of the eyes.

The Second Conversation is in the language of feelings.

The language of the mouth is the most common.

The language of thought is the most elevated language of all because of the power of thoughts is the most elevated power. It is the original power and the fastest language of all is the language of thought no matter how far away some one is and even if you don’t have any facilities of communication with the language of thoughts you can give anyone a message. At the end it will be their language of thought that will be useful.

12. Start the Day well

Is it a very good morning? If the day begins with my thoughts scattered in many different directions or with anxiety about a situation to occur later in the day, it will prove difficult to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day. This is because my first series of thoughts in the morning set as the pattern for the whole day. If I do not use the early morning hours to sort out my thoughts. What other time in the day will I find to perform such a task?

To sort out thoughts there needs to be clarity in the intellect. I have to check and see if there are any wasteful thoughts and, if there are, then remove them by adopting a positive and pure attitude. If there are wasteful thoughts, and I try to battle with them , it is as if I am giving them lid and strength. Wasteful and negative thoughts are created by a weak mind; they have in real foundation; they are only paper tiger. Instead of battling with them I should simply create pure, positive thoughts which will automatically displace the weak, wasteful ones. For example, instead of thinking, “ I must not get angry” I must not angry, I must not get angry” Which is negative conditioning, it is better to think, “ I understand why they behave that way”.

13. Try to Think one pure thought every day

I am what I think. The mind is constantly occupied in the thought process, and it is virtually impossible to have a vacant yet Alive mind. Without doubt, my entire world has been created by my thought. Sometimes the result take a longer period to come into they practical. However, het fact remains that thought, when given constant energy and attention, will come into practical. they are the basis for all my action.
If I must think, and if by by thinking increate the worlds around me, negative or positive through action negative or positive wouldn’t it then makes sense for me to think the very highest of thoughts, the purest of thoughts, So htat the would anger. A pure thought, when transferred into action, enrich the creator as well as the creation. It is an Energy that is formed at he most exalted levels of self respect, but extends far beyond the self , making everything it touches exalted.

Pure thoughts are becoming, Sadly rare, as is be of that corresponding quality – high noble and pure?

And what is a pure thought? All thought pure simply by nature of being a thought? A pure thought is free from all the vices such as Ego hatred, pride, Jealousy, Greed of Evidence by the worlds I have created around me the pollution in all areas speaks of impurity within the thought processes.

14 Be What You Want To Be

We can actually choose our thoughts. The power of choice is the greatest gift to life.

When I Find myself feeling down I know this is also my choice. I know I can , make the conscious decision to change my feelings and I will then experience joy and well – being. I can simply accept what is in my environment(Things are what they are) and change my attitude. If I prefer blue skies to gray I can choose to enjoy the day whatever the weather is … If a close friend of relative leaves the body. I can choose to feel sorrow for myself or to feel happiness for them as they go on to another realm of experience.

I believe that one of the most powerful moments in my life was the moment I realized that I had a choice. not only do I have the power to choose action n but I also have the power to choose my thoughts and my mood.

No body can make me angry. I am the one who choose to have the experience of anger when an upsetting event occurs, I select my response will it be anger and initiation of will it be acceptance or forgiveness?

Have you felt at time that others have hurt your feelings?

Actually, They have not done anything to you, they are simply acting in the way they choose to act. you are the one who choose to react with hurt anger whatever other emotion(Energy in motion) you chooses. No matter what kind of work I have to do, no mater what kind of people came in front of me, the knowledge which I imbibed through raja yoga enabled me to remain stable and practical spirituality. Which cannot be attained blind faith and rituals of worship.

15. The Power of Your Thoughts

(Absolutely everything that you have in your life at this moment is a result of your thoughts)

Our past thoughts have created our current reality and we are creating our futures with the thought we think right now, in the present moment. Have you ever thought about that? That absolutely everything that you have in your life at this moment is a result of your thoughts (both conscious and unconscious0 that you have had in the past. It takes time to let this idea sink in and then finally accept it. It sparks a lot of questions too. Do we therefore choose the things that we don’t like as well as those that we do? Do we create our own bad luck? the more we think about it, the more sense it makes. Everything that we read from the great spiritual masters and teachers always comes down to the same message.

You are the creator. You do it all the time, whether you are conscious of it for not. You cannot stop it even if you try. you are one great big creation machine. When we create deliberately, consciously, then we call this manifestation. How can you manifest what you want? There are three basic steps:
with the thoughts you think
with the words you speak
with the action you perform

With our thoughts we sow the seeds of everything that we create in our lives, and everything that exsts in our lives. In our reality, everything has been created by us , beginning with our thoughts. If we can accept this and take responsibility for it, then we have taken a major steptowards raising our awareness and consciousness. Once we accept this, we stop blaming outside influences(including her people) for what happens in our life. This exercise is also very empowering. Because if, then we also have the power to change whatever we don’t like, whatever no longer serves us, whatever no longer reflects who we are.

So we cannot afford the luxury of a negative experiences into our reality. This the power that we all have. To create and control our own reality by the power of our own thoughts.

Tell your parents, “The worst thing you can possibly do for me is to worry about me. You are helping to create for me the things you worry about on about me. You are helping to create for me things you worry about on my behalf. When your child on is riding his bike along the roadside and there is traffic, instead of worrying about all the ways that an accident might happen, instead of telling him to careful, think positive, see him joyfully riding his bike, carefree, completely safe. He cannot have an accident as that is simply not a possibility in your, not his reality. It cannot happen. Do you see power of this?

What do you want in your life, Do you know? Visualize yourself, having it enjoying it. Feeling good? Now comes the hard part. Can you stop thinking negative thought into your awareness, every time you give it energy, you push away from you the very thing that you are wanting.

We have seen how powerful is creation on a personal level. Imagine this power magnified thousands of times. Now we are talking about the awesome power of thought creation when this thought is held and given life energy by many thousand, perhaps even millions of people. This can be thought creation by fear, and most of their thoughts are about what they do not want to happen. Most of the world so called “natural disasters” are brought about in this way.

We then seek someone to blame. God, Mother Nature, whatever never, never do we take responsibility for these creations ourselves.

To get caught up in mass consciousness is to be in a dangerous place. Here we lose the power of your own individual thought creations, subjugated to the more powerful group thoughts of the mass, which are almost always predominantly negative in nature. To step outside of begin our own true spiritual growth.

The time is near when people will be les concerned with material wealth and more concerned with spiritual wealth. The earth is changing beneath our very feet and on amount of money or political manipulation can stop that. the power in our thoughts can. With our thoughts we can create a different future. Nothing is written in stone. We can have whatever future we choose. Now that we know how powerful we are, will we still think the same? Our thoughts contain the energy to manifest physical reality. What will we do with them? We have the power. The power to make real changes. This is the power to change the world. And it starts with you.
Times of India /10/3

16. Flying planes with thought power pushpak viman in the offing

All the wonder s of thought:

All the world was created with thought power. A brilliant mind some where, sometime envisioned the idea of a machine that could fly and the aero planes were born another one visualized a machine that could match the function of the mind and a computer was created within a short span of time it become possible to access the whole world through these machines any where any time. Intense research in the area of computers, neuroscience, atomic energy etc. is going no which will change the way we live in the future. An energy whose immense potential in the modern technology is yet to be realized is the thought energy. That human mind can do marvels is a generally accepted motion but that it called directly control matter or machines may seem to be a farfetched idea. Could our thoughts control a machine without any manual interface? Latest development in the field of neuro- engineering are pointing to a future in which vehicles would be controlled by our thoughts.

Every action that we do with our body. Such as lifting a finger a process of translation of the thought energy into motor function. The brain sends signals to the particular muscles to move in a certain way.

According to a news item in Times of India recently:

Scientists at NASA’S Ames research centre in the US have recently demonstrated the ability to control of 757 passenger jet, simulation with the pilot. Just closing his fist in empty air and making appropriate movements there.

They have found that a computer can equate such unique nerve signal pattern with a particular gesture with the help of electrodes placed along the arm. A neural net, soft where then interprets these signals and annunciates them with the action of gripping a joy stick and moving it in a forward direction. The computer which is connected to the joy stick independently. Simulates the action without the intervention of the human being.

In essence, this research indicates that human nerve signals can directly
control devices without the aid of joy sticks.

One day the machines would directly pick up our thoughts without any electrode implants? Where automobiles or planes would need no control devices except a neuro electric device that would translate all thought signals of the device to the functioning of the vehicle.

Our ancient, scriptures also make reference to pushpak vimans that fly at the impulse of a thought. In fact the Satyuga or the Golden age was a period in which science was fully refined and fool proof. It was perfect as every thing in the world follows a cyclic pattern. the time has now come where the scientific developments of the present, age will again bring about that age of perfection.

Behind all the success of all these scientific endow ours lies the power of pure thoughts. The more and more our thoughts become vice less focused and elevated, the more our mind will be able to control matter.

This can happen only when we use the science of silence i.e meditation and spiritual knowledge to develop the latent powers of our mind and intellect. A pure thoughts was the power to move mountains or to fly an aero plane. So what human kind is going to witness in the future is not, just the marvels of science but the perfect energy of mind and matters.

Silence is Golden

Silence is a power, which can take either positive or a negative form. If I understand the nature of this power. I can use it in a beneficial way.

There are two levels of silence: physical and mental.

Physical silence because it suggests absence of life or company, just as when a person dies, there is total silence afterwards.

In comparison to this, mental silence is the absence of wasteful thinking. Wasteful thinking refers to negative thoughts. In contrast to this positive thinking refers to thoughts which benefit the self as well as others. Constant positive thinking creates the virtue of serenity and stabilizes me as well as my companions. This type of silence power is like a fragrance, which fills room. It is an unspoken language. Which can cross all barriers. This silence is not a blank state or the silence of someone sulking, but rather the deep comfort and joy one can experience after being relieved of some pressure of burden.

Eternal Laws.
Whatever is new become old everything passes through this process. I look back into time. In a second or less. My thoughts take me to a place far away both in time and space; for a moment. I relive the scenes of the past, and then I come back to the present, with a smile on my face. The smile quickly changes, and is sigh when I realize how different the present is. “What has happened? Why couldn’t it be like that still?”
There is a simple law, which states, “Whatever is new must beacon old”. It is always good to know the laws. I may not think that they make much sense. I even disagree with them; but some laws just cannot be changed. So I learn to live with them and follow them. There’s no point in asking questions as to why, how, when, where and what. It doesn’t matter. The point is that I should understand the laws of living and take benefit from them. Here are three such laws that won’t change and are worth remembering:
1. Whatever I sow, I will reap.
2. Whatever is new will become old.
3. Whatever I don’t use, I lose.

Do You know How to make yourself Feel Good?

Can you accomplish this without the use of food alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other addictive sources?
Let’s identity some of the positive choices you already have for making yourself feel food.
Write down a list of things that you currently do to change, how you feel.
Example: I realized that playing music was one of the most powerful ways I could change my state quickly. Reading was another way to feel good because it changed my focus and I love to learn.

There are some others dancing, singing along with my favorite CDS watching a comedy film, meditation, drawing, gardening. Telling jokes to friends, polishing up my memories vividly remembering a wonderful experience. If you don’t have a plan for pleasure, you will have pain. Develop a plan for pleasure for each and every day.


The beginning of a habit is like a invisible thread, but every time we repeat the act we strengthen the strand, add to it another filaments until it becomes a great cable and binds us incvocably thought and act.

We first, make our habits and then habits make us.

How to break or build a habit. - You are a creature of habit, habit is the function of your subconscious mind you learned to swim, ride a bicycle dance and drive a car by consciously doing these things over and over again until they established tracks in your subconscious mind then, the automatic habit action of your sub-conscious mind took over .


That is take a set period of time and take conscious control of all your thoughts. A mental diet is an opportunity to eliminate the negative and destructive pattern of thinking and feeling, the inevitably come from living life in an emotionally reactionary and mentally undisciplined fashion.

A new level of thinking is now required in order to experience a new level of personnel and professional success.

Our Questions Determine Our thoughts.

1. Quality question create a quality life.
2. Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.
3. Your mental computer is ever ready to serve you and whatever question you give it , it will surely come up with an answer.

What am I happy about in my life now?
What am I excited about in my life now?
What am I proud about in my life now?
What am I grateful about in my life now?
What am I enjoying most in my life right now?
What am I committed to in my life right now?

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