Wednesday, May 19, 2010



1. I am a soul, pure energy. Go in to the experience of being separate from this body. Concentrate your intellect and feel how the rays of light and might are spreading out from the soul.
2. I am a pure soul, sitting in this body of light. Pure vibrations are going out from every part of my body. Then visualize yourself leaving the body and going into space. Stay in space and give the vibrations of purity to all the souls.
3. I am the master of this body. I am sitting on the throne of my fore head. I have to purify the entire nature, all the elements. I am receiving pure vibrations from Baba and giving them to the nature in all directions.
4. Concentrate your intellect on your soul for 5 seconds. Then move your intellect to Baba and concentrate for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times and then let your intellect be fixed on Shiva Baba.
5. I am a swadarshan chakradhari. Just pass through the whole cycle in 5 minutes and then go to the soul world and come back into this body.
6. Baba is Gyan surya (sun of knowledge) visualise Him and experience that His rays of light are coming to you.
7. I am in my perfect form, sitting on the top of the Globe, receiving the rays from Baba and giving them to the entire world.
8. Do the practice of a spiritual drill. First of all feel that you are a soul. Then experience that you leave the physical body with your subtle body of light. Go beyond space, with your body of light, and go into the subtle world. There you meet Avyakt Bap Dada and receive His drishti. Then you leave the body of light and become aware of yourself as just the soul, the point of light energy, and you go into the soul world and receive the rays from Shiv Baba. After some moment, go back into the body of light in the subtle world and next return in the physical body in the physical world. Practice this 10 times.
9. Go into the experience of the seed stage. Stabilise yourself in the soul world under the rays of Baba in one thought: '' I experience the peace from Him ''.
10. I am a ''Peace House ‘‘; I am receiving the vibrations of peace from Baba and distributing it to all the peace less souls.
11. I am '' Master Almighty '', receiving the rays of might from the Almighty. Or I am sitting under the colorful fountain of all powers from Baba and giving power to weak souls.
12. In this body, I am an incarnated Angel. Get separated from the physical body, go some where in the world and give vibrations to all.
13. Be in the stage of self - respect that ''I am Baap samaan '' and I am sitting in the soul world with Him. I am giving light and might to the whole world.
14. God is my friend, have this intoxication and feel that He comes down to you .Enjoy His company.
15. Create a vision of yourself being linked to God, and that the entire world is linked to you. I am an ancestor soul. I am sustaining the whole world with good vibrations.
16. Experience how Baba comes down and becomes the canopy of protection to you.
17. I am a powerful soul, Shiv Shakti, I am combined with the Almighty. Thus I am with Him.
18. Create a vision your own angelic form standing on the left side of you with a garland of victory in its hand. And on the right side your future form of god or goddess is standing with a crown in his or her hands. They one after the other enter into me. Thus experience the intoxication of your future.
19. Practice any point of self respect or higher consciousness, enjoy the most elevated thoughts and then have chit - chat with Baba.
20. Practice to see all as souls and give pure vibrations to every one.
21. Visualise Baba, the Ocean of Peace. Imagine how a flow of vibrations in green color comes, from Him into yourself, the soul, and reflects out into the world. Heal nature, all living beings and your own body with these green vibrations of peace.
22. Imagine Shiv Baba, the Ocean of Purity , and how the powerful vibrations of purity , white and light, are focused on you, the soul , and reflect out into the world to purify even the elements.


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