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BK.Bhagwan, Shantivan

Every human being wants his own self-progress. He does various activities like rituals and prayers etc. But he did not receive any appreciable results. He made improvements in various methods for instruments. He used all types of methods and ultimately got trapped in the attraction of those instruments.

The increase of instruments is not called real progress. Self-progress means to make life elevated with virtues and good qualities and experience everlasting peace and prosperity. It also means to be happy with body, bodily relationships, your own mental stages and the environment. When life is elevated with divine virtues values and divine powers all other needs are easily fulfilled. At present man is running after all sorts of instruments with limited pleasure. Just like the deer run after the mirage of happiness and peace and so they waste their lives for it.

Man wants to do self-progress but does not want to abide by the rules and regulations controlling self-progress. So real progress remains moving away from him through materialistic progress all the way seen to be increased. Man wants to take the remedy provided by the doctors to improve his health but does not want to refrain himself from those things asked by the doctor (Things harmful to his health).

For self-progress, we have to follow Godly Directions and the precautions given by God e.g. 1) Not to indulge in the vices 2) to eat pure food always inculcate good qualities (virtues) 3) Always have pure elevated thoughts to be free from waste thoughts. If we don’t follow these godly directions, we will not be able to progress even if we do lot of worship etc., nor can we experience the true peace in life.

Let us discuss the blessings for self progress given by the supreme father (Paramatma):

1. Waste thoughts leads to downfall and pure thoughts help us to climb up.
2. Always have pure, powerful thoughts for you, whatever adverse conditions may come.
3. A man engrossed with vices also may have a few good qualities, and then be contented with him.

A STORY WHICH HELPS US TO REMEMBER THIS: Once upon a time a man had a vision of God and God was pleased to ask him what he wanted. I want to progress in life, have peace and prosperity and everyone should love me and appreciate what I do, that is my wish. God gave him two full bags – one with the defects of his neighbors and friends and said don’t look at one’s, don’t show it to anyone, always keep it closed and keep it in your back side. While giving the second bag he said ‘this one has all your bad qualities and defects. Hang this bag in front of you, with this all your wishes will be fulfilled’.

The man picked up the two bags but unwisely he reversed the bag but put the first bag in front and the second one at the back. So he would see and show the weakness of this friends and neighbors to everyone. He naturally became very undesirable. He lost his peace and happiness and everyone started blaming and cursing him. Then he lost blessings instead he had all waste thoughts rather than pure elevated thoughts about others.

So having a lesion from the story for self-progress lock the waste thoughts about others and hide them and check and change your own shortcomings. Don’t look at other people weakness and talk about them. In this way we can realize God given blessings and experience peace, purity, happiness and prosperity in life. People will praise you here and after words and your praises will be heard on earth as well as in heaven.

Method to be free from waste thoughts: -

1. Look at every one as an elevated deity. The souls were pure and were brothers originally as the children of everyone is playing his own part accurately and doing his karma as per his role. All of us were deities with good virtues. Such thoughts will make us free from waste thoughts.

2. Look at everyone’s virtues- everyone has good qualities (virtues), look at those to be free from waste.

3. To have good wishes for all and be never to everyone – everyone is good or will become better later. Don’t run away from any one thinking you can’t cope with him. You have to change your own ‘sanskars’, so that you can adjust and stay together with them. You will always find someone with you when are unable to adjust anywhere in the world.

4. Waste thoughts are like dirt. Don’t throw these on others. Never listen to gossips about others and encourage others by listening to them. By remaining silent, you discourage them and next time they will not tell you these useless things about others.

5. Never look at other people progress and have waste thoughts due to jealousy. Whatever is happening is due to his fortune. You can’t make or destroy anyone’s fortune, so forget it.

Let us finish this evil enemy by pure thoughts and powerful remembrance of supreme father Shiv Baba, so that we can be blessed with peace, purity and prosperity. Help to make others to have the same. Put the defect of others on your back and don’t show it to anyone and put your mistakes in front of you so that you can see, check and change them.

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