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We lived in a small village. There were no educated members in my family, no interest even in matters of the spirit. We were very different from one another in terms of personality and outlook. In spite of my parents great refusal to me

Once I was coming home for vacation. The bus did not go all the way to our village. All the passengers got down and started the two-hour walk. It was late afternoon and fast getting dark. The others left me behind.

There were no houses along the way. But there were three huge water drains. I remembered that as a child, I had been told spirits and ghosts stayed in those drains. Every year, a person would die there because of these ghosts, they said.

As I passed the first one I was thinking of the worst. What if some one snuck up behind me and killed me? Through the second drain I started trembling and sweating all over. By the time I reached the third, I was a wreck, I was sure some one was following me.
Somehow I reached home. But I was in such a state, that that everyone thought evil spirits had entered my body. Add to that their fear because of the fact that my parents had forgotten to offer some sacrifice to the local deity.

I was bedridden for nearly two years. At last a guru was brought in to drive the spirits away and offer a sacrifice. I got better. No, I felt reborn. I became very curious about spirituality, but at the same time I wanted very much to back away from superstitions.

I started going to Satsang (religion gatherings) . They made little sense to me.
One day I found a book in rubbish, which changed my life. While I was reading that book, I was very much inspired and got power by each and every sentence and felt that God himself calling me.

I found those books were published by Rajyoga centre in Nagpur and contacted them for more information. I learned about Soul, God, World cycle, my many births and Yoga through corresponding course only. I was really truly engrossed. I wrote for more books, which I received quickly. I changed diet, soon became strict vegetarian.
I went to an exhibition the following year, which turned out to have been organized by the same group that published the books. The presence of brothers and sisters dressed in white gave me an overwhelming feeling of peace and power. Moreover I had this distinct feeling that I was related to them.
Naturally, I wanted to know where they came from and where all the knowledge in books was taught. Soon I was on my way to Madhuban , the main campus in Mount Abu.
For the first time I felt no barriers between casts and religions, even colors of skin. I started doing service there and wished to continue serving for the rest of my life.
From Madhuban I have been sent straight Delhi Pandav Bhavan. I was given the responsibility of preparing food for foreign brothers and sisters. I had no idea how to cook but learned there. At present, I am preparing food for 20,000 brothers and sisters. I have been enjoying the dedicated from last 12 years in God's paradise in great godly service. Just having belief , following shrimat and meditation my life changed which I never even dreamt.

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