Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Godfather Shiva always says that give good wishes and koop harmony for all the souls of the world. Because only through this harmony we can bring peace and prosperity in the world.

Present Age is known as Iron Age (Kaliyug) and to change the corrupt human being of today into a deity we have to keep harmony and avoid his.

Only by seeing the attributes of others one can establish harmony for them. If our mind is habitual of doing hatred, jealous, par-chintan, hate etc. we can never be harmonious for others. It is not enough to utter good words for others but there muse be good wishes and love in your heart for all and only than harmony can be established.

If anybody gets angry with you or misbehavior with you even if you are not at mistake then also you should not think of taking revenge but you should keep harmony and give good wishes to him. By doing this only he will also develop love and harmony in his heart for you. Because to love harmony between two, one has to lose and that who loses here will be honoured during Bhakti Marg.

In reality this loosing is not but failure but it is a true victory.

I have respect, lone, harmony & good wishes for the gross word but some of my colleagues or relatives do not behave properly with me and only for them I have no respect and harmony. And because of this I feel I should go some where else. Then only I will be able to do purusharth properly. Some other person should come in place of the particular person who misbehave with me then it will be okey. But this is not the solution of your problem. Because person can be changed but if your impression (Sanskars) have not been changed then any person of the world may come after few day do situations behavior will emerge again. Then who will believe you that you have respect love & harmony for the whole world.

So to bring world harmony, we must have harmony, respect, love, feeling of adjusting in every situation and well behavior with all who regularly comes in contact with us.

Then only we can have harmony and well behavior with any person of the world and we can say that there is harmony for the world. To have such a harmony, jealous hatred and par-chintan should be kept miles away. Then only we will become helper for the establishment of ideal prosperous world.

To keep harmony for all:

I will not see defects of others.

In this Iron Age each & every person have one or the other weakness. Presently Godfather Shiva has came on the earth & us doing great job of making a better world with the co-operating vicious souls. God doesn’t see defect of anybody but he always see that what this soul is going to be in future, what would be his post. God always describes attributes and raptures. In the same way we are also suppose see the attributes of our colleagues and co-workers.

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