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Once a sculpture thought that he would make a beautiful statue.. So for this purpose he went to a place where many big stones were lying. The sculpture choose a big stone from amongst those stones and started making statue by using his hammer chisel. On getting hammering for three day continuously, the stone had this tinkering thought that why this sculpture has choose me only whereas so many other stones were lying there. Having such thoughts, the stone started crying and broke into two pieces. The sculpture put the broken stone aside and took another big stone and again started using his hammer & chisel. After six days this stone also thought that why this sculpture is using his hammer &chisel on me whereas there are other stoner lying here. This stone also broke into pieces on this thought. The sculpture put aside those broken pieces of stones and took the third big stone lying there because he was had decided firmly to make the statue. He started using his tools on the new stone after nine days of hammering this stone also had the same thoughts that why this sculpture is after me and for how long do I have to tolerate this hammering. So after nine days this stone also broke into pieces .The sculpture took up the fourth big stone and started sculpting the statue. But after 12 days this stone also started crying in the same manner and broke into pieces. The sculpture put aside the broken pieces and took up a new stone and started using his hammer and chisel. This fifth stone had this positive thought that Wah! My luck! That I’m getting hammered & chisel by this sculpture and he is converting me into a beautiful statue. Thus this stone thankfully took the beatings of the sculpture for 50 days continuously and got converted into a beautiful statue after 50 days. The sculpture put the statue in a bullock cart and took it for a roam of the village. On this pilgrimage, many women folk covered the statue with flowers, the others prayed in front of the statue. On seeing all this the statue got very happy. Thereafter the sculpture got a new temple made for this statue. A grand function was organized to place the statue in this new temple. Many saints & Sadhus & Other secrete souls and thousands of persons gathered for the ceremony. They were all praying in front of the statue. On seeing this statue got very happy & thought in its mind that I have tolerated the hammers and chisel of the sculpture only for 50 days and got so much of praise and prestige.
After completing the statue placement ceremony, stair-making work was remaining of the temple. So the sculpture thought using those broken pieces of stones for making stair instead of going here and there in search of new s stones. And he started the work.. For making the first step of the stair of the temple where people take off their shoes and slippers those pieces of stones were used which were broken after three days. In the second step those pieces of stone were used which got broke after six days. In the third step the stone which got broke after Nine days was used. And for the fourth step stone that was broken after 12 days was used. In this manner, the staircase of the temple was built.
Now the people started going to the temple for worshipping. All most all the people left their shoes on the first step and bowed a little near the fourth step before entering the temple. This was because the 1st step tolerated little where the 4th step tolerated for 12 days. People used to go inside the temple and put their head on the feet of the statue. They use to ask for the blessings & worship the statue by putting lots of flowers, garland etc. They use to decorate statue very beautifully and the whole temple was fragrant with incense stick. All this was happened because this had tolerated for 50 days. Thus this stone was worshipped more and more whereas the 1st step stone had to bear the brunt of dirty shoes and slippers of the people.
When people put their shoes & slippers on the 1st step asked the 2nd step where these people are going making me dirty all ones. On hearing the 3rd step replied that the mistake is ours. When the sculpture was making the statue, we did not tolerate and cried again & again and hence he used us in the steps and the brother stone which was tolerated much got converted into a statue and put inside the temple where in people go for darshan and ask for blessings. The sculpture has not done any partiality but it was our own mistake. We had been blessed with good luck but we lost it because we do not tolerate the hammering and chisel. Now there is no use crying over the lost luck.
Like in the above story, Shiv Baba has also come down on this world to make us into beautiful Shri Lakshmi and Narayana. He is also using hammer & chisel of knowledge and yoga on selected souls. Some brothers and sisters would tolerate in this Gyan marg in beginning but when some persons start teasing them and for some physical and mental problems and adverse circumstances come in their way they cry in front of Baba and ask how mach they had to bear & for how long. Some brothers and sisters feel that adverse circumstances not go to others, but it comes only to them. How much I have to bear. They think again & again. Greatest sculpture Shiv Baba also takes pity on such souls. Baba does not use hammers & chisel over them and put them aside. Like in the above story the sculpture put aside the stones which were crying and broken into pieces but he used them for making stairs & did not throw them away. Like this, those souls which are crying here and don’t face odd circumstances were come un heaven but they get a low position of maids & servants. Those souls who have low tolerance power would be placed as the darbaris at the gate like the lowest step stone of the stairs of the temple, which had no power of tolerance; if you want a high position in the future, then you have to face every circumstance in life like the stone which faced the beatings for 50 days & got rewarded in the form of worship. Likewise, O good souls! If you also practice this power of tolerance in this last birth of Sangam Yug, you would be rewarded with good heavenly days for the years to come for 21 births continuously without hindrance. You will be worshipped & remembered through ages.
Hence, you have to tolerate many circumstances coming in life. Those persons who are putting obstacles in your way now would become your devotees. Those who would tolerate the hindrances of nature & maya would rule over them in the coming golden years. Like the stone which bore much of the hammering & chisel is worshipped more, in the same way, those brothers & sisters who tolerate much as of now would get a high position in future in every age. Hence tolerate everything & increase your power of tolerance by using hammers.


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