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Amongst all festivals Maha Shiv Ratri is regarded a main festival. This is the time of auspicious Avtaran – Divine Birth of Parampita Paramatma Shiva. Shiva Paramatma comes and gives light of knowledge in this ignorant (Full of Darkness) world. Really this festival is celebrated to remind the people of this auspicious occasion. Period of Satyuga (Golden Age) and Tretayug (Silver Age) is called Day of Brahma period of knowledge, virtues and bliss while period of Dwapar (Copper Age) and Kalyuga (Iron Age) is called Night of Brahma because all souls in this period become degraded and impure due to vices. Peace less, poverty and misery prevails at its peak during this period. At this time to bless all souls with peace and prosperity, Parampita Paramatma Shiva through the media of physical body of Brahma imparts the very easy knowledge of Geeta and Sahaj yoga to all souls during this dark period of ignorance of Kalyuga and perform the divine actions of transformation of impure souls to pure ones.

The Supreme himself performs the divine actions of removing darkness of ignorance by imparting the knowledge and by teaching yoga. Man’s life transforms like an Angelic stage. Night of Kalyuga changes to the divine day of Satyuga.

Shiva does not mean any physical being or physical deity. He has no physical body but is a point of light; an infinite power called Shiva the name is based on his countless qualities means benefactor, blissful for all souls. Shiva means symbol of ever pure, the highest amongst all souls and represents Supreme God. He is a True Father, True Teacher and the True Guru of all souls. His form is a Point of Light. The real spiritual meaning of up-vas up means (Near) vas means (Day of Fast) to remain in intense and deep love and memory as a soul with undivided attention of Supreme Soul to live near him – Up-vas, Param Pita Shiv orders all souls remember me constantly with extreme love and undivided attention, you will be redeemed of all sings of various births and will be transformed and Sato-Pradhan. To live mentally with him, while thinking, speaking and working in this worldly life is really an Up-vas (fast). On the day of fast we pay special attention on the purity and spiritual food means we keep our mind free from vices – sex, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego, than the thoughts of these vices will not touch our mind. Therefore, we can get rid from these worldly thoughts vices. Our thoughts will be divine and soul become pure.


Coconut with shell is called shriphal means it symbolizes the physical deity – the best, full of all virtues, represents all the sixteen celestial qualities and complete vice less. God Shiva transforms man to deity life Shri Narayan and Shri Lakshi who all deities full of virtues and hence coconut shell is not broken in God Shiva’s Temple.

The Temples – centers of pilgrimage of Shiva are constructed on mountains viz. Amarnath, Trimukeshwar, Bhimashanker etc. These temples are on high mountains because Parampita Shiva is also a symbol of highest knowledge and divine power. He is ocean of symbol of highest knowledge and divine power. He is ocean of knowledge, ocean of love, and ocean of peace. It is said that highest is your name, highest is your deeds and highest is your abode. Therefore, his temples are on mountains.

Shiva Linga`s are also situated in deep caves of mountains. When Parampita Shiva who is called Bholanath nirahamkari descended personally on this land to free all souls from bondage and vices, people afflicted with ego and body consciousness do not recognize him and speak too much against him and his divine actions. Even when he imparts Golden versions to such souls to liberate them that is why his form Shiva Linga is shown in mountain caves.

Paramatma Shiva blesses with purity, peace and prosperity those weak and corrupted souls suffering from all types of miseries and peace less by imparting knowledge and by teaching yoga. TIRPUND is the symbol of these divine actions of God and that Tilak or say Bindi is also put to reminds us that we are souls.


To give reward to those who have worshipped him constantly, birth after birth, he personally descend and gives correct knowledge about himself

1. His name is Shiva – The kalyankari.
2. Place of Abode - The Paramdham, beyond the stars & sun.
3. Period of his divine Avtaran in the world – at end of Kalyuga and dawn of Satyuga means Purshottam Sangam Yuga.
4. Divine deeds – to establish heaven deity world and destruct the devilish world Kalyuga.


By following the Godly knowledge in daily life and thus lighten the souls from the blindness of darkness, ignorance and by establishing mental connection with him. In this way his qualities would automatically reflects in you. You should save yourself from five vices – sex-lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and follow the virtuous life. In this way the Param Pita Paramatma Shiva himself is imparting knowledge and teaching Sahaj yoga through the institutions of Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. Now the Satyuga – a period of purity and prosperity is being established again. After removing the darkness of ignorance in the world. Having knowing this knowledge to follow the daily life is the real celebration of Shiv Ratri.

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