Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Karma philosaphy.

Karma philosaphy.

By: bhagwan bhai.

Theory of karma is very deep. Everyone gets the fruits of his actions. Good acts bear good result. On the other hand bad acts will fetch bad result. It is rightly said that justice may be delayed but not justice all denied.

Every actions has always equal and opposite reaction. So we must observe our actions. Sometimes mistakes are not committed by us intentionally but do. At times small insects are killed under our feet unknowingl. Acts not being according to Godly advise(shrimat.) are called sins. The result of these sins is in the form of sadness and unhappiness where as the result of all those acts, which are done by us unknowingly is clear by the following example.

Bhishma pitamah was laying on bed of arrows in the end of Mahabharat war, as his character is shown very good and none of his act as ''Sin'' what for he was suffering then? This questions was asked by him to lord Krishna. Krishna told that the theory of karma was very deep. You might not have done sinful acts in this life but this may be the result of sins of your previous birth Shri Krishna said Bhishma pitamah started remembering his previous births and he came to know that in one of his previous birth long age. When he was king, he did one sinful act. When he was going in his chariot there was snake lying on the road in front of his chariot. He lifted the snake with his arrow and threw it on road side. The snake fell down on nails in shrubs. Actually he was trying to save the life of snake but unknowingly he threw it on nails. Then lord Krishna told him that though his such act was not intentional... but even he was under going the same treatment as per the theory of karma. This proves that we will certainly get the result of intentional or unintentional misdeeds committed by us.

Therefore, we must pay attention to our tiny acts also. No such act should be done by us, which is against the principle of Shrimath. If a moving train details. Accident is certain. Similarly, our life is also like a train, which must run on Godly principles. We should follow these principles and must discipline our selves. When we violate these rules and regulations accidents dose not occur. It means whenever we go against the nature and God there is unhappiness in our life and the period of happiness ends.

Whatever is happening in our life is the result of our acts of this birth or previous birth. So we should not feel unhappy even during dark period. When we trying to forget sufferingf we will feel happiness is unhappy moments also. We must be attentive throughout the day so that no sinful act is done by us. Only then the world will remembers us even after our death. Om Shati.

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