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BK Bhagwan, Shantivan

At present, valuable time of Sangam yug is passing. During this period we have to secure our fortune for the coming many births by remaining in constant and natural yogyukt stage and have to change old sanskars and enjoy super-sensuous joy due to establishing relation of the soul with the supreme soul. But in these efforts we establish relation with the supreme soul. Worldly attraction put a lot of disturbance and now and then circumstances in the form of vices, every so often our nature and old sanskars disturb us and sometime circumstances stand in our way. Really we know that we are improving ourselves as better souls but due to these forces we say Mayavi Shakti we act against shrimat. At present Maya comes especially in the form of par chinthan (waste thoughts) due to which we cannot remain in constant natural yogyukt stage. Waste thoughts are most dangerous disturbance in Tapasya and due to this, the atmosphere is disturbed, jealously and hatred is created amongst each other and we become devoid of regard amongst ourselves. All powers within are destroyed due to these waste thoughts.

It is the root cause of down fall or degradation. Therefore it is said par chinthan is the root cause of downfall and swachintan is the base of improvement. In this article we would describe as to how one should be free from this enemy of waste thoughts: -

1. To free yourself from the habit of waste thoughts, try to see adi and anadi state of each soul: - We become busy in waste thoughts of all brothers and sisters who come in our contact, by observing/hearing about weakness and actions. At present by mere seeing their actions, behavior and nature, we become busy in waste thoughts, particularly at present each being has got one or the other weakness but Shiva Baba does not see any weakness of any soul but rather praise of their virtues because they visualize the Adi and Anadi stage of each soul. Similarly, if we would practice also to see ADI and ANADI stage of each soul, we would also not be able to observe the weakness actions, vices and behaviors of any being, but rather we would realize that I am one of the luckiest souls out of Crores rather one out of selected ones by the supreme soul Shiv Baba and I am enjoying the company of such selected souls, there worshipping is deeply involved in their love, reciting mantra and following rituals, in temples and their idols are being worshipped as well as bhog is being offered out of love. But if we think with such highest souls, we come in contacts, talk, take food together in the form of persons, we would be free from the bad habits of waste thoughts easily especially be having an idea of their Adi and Anadi state.

2. To be free from the habit of waste thoughts observe virtues of each: - Try to observe and note special virtues of each brother and sister who come in contact in your daily life because each being has got some special quality. Whenever anybody commits mistakes or you observe any weakness it is his behavior, at that moment, remind yourself of his special quality, thus you will be free from the habit of waste thoughts. In this way keep the list of special virtues of each soul, which would help us to assimilate free from the habit of waste thoughts.

3. To be free from the habit of waste thoughts always have positive thoughts and good wishes for each one and live amongst ourselves with cordial relations: - Whatever, may be the habit of any being, we should have good wishes for all. But if we speak to anybody that he will never improve on himself, really he would not improve because of our negative thoughts. Therefore, we have to speak always with positive thoughts Vardani Bol and keep merciful thoughts; we have to always speak about their good special qualities. Sometime I think that he is my companion in Godly service and with him only my thought and actions disagree, but all others are very good to me. If some one else replaces him, my speed of spiritual progress will be better and there will be no chance of wasting time in difference of opinion. However it will never be such, because if he is replaced my sanskars and habits will not change because I will behave in the same manner again after sometime. Therefore, we have to keep our behavior sweet and acceptable to others. If we were not able to behave properly with one, we would behave in the same manner with others. We must not observe the weakness, wrong behavior of others rather we have to amend ourselves and learn the art of living together in a peaceful way we will be free from the habit of waste thoughts.

4. Each soul is playing his destined role. You can feel free from yourself from the habit of waste thoughts by remembering this facts:- If someone does not perform his duty the way you lime is doing some wrong action, you think about him as to why he is doing such wrong action, rather you complain to others about him and thus life becomes busy in waste thoughts. But if at that time, we remember about that each soul is performing his destined role in this unlimited world cycle. There will be no question as to why he is acting in this way and we will be free from waste thoughts.

5. If we speak, which source indicates waste thoughts think at that time who Dirt –Kichra/Kankar is coming out of my mouth, I am a holy swan who always select virtues, then why should vices (dirt) comes out of me. In this way, we can save ourselves from waste thoughts. Similarly if somebody is talking of negative habits of others to me, always think that he is pouring rubbish in my ears and those thoughts will trouble me like mosquito bites and harm me, by thinking this way one can save oneself from waste thoughts.

6. If somebody is complaining about others to you, do not encourage by nodding your head as if you agree but rather discourage him by not agreeing with him. Then he will never complain to you about anybody again. Thus you will be relieved from waste thoughts.

Let us come together and resolve that we will destroy the enemy of waste thoughts forever because he is brave who always remains alert rather than be influenced by him. If we are under his effect, we will neither keep regard of respected height souls not we would recognize then or follow their virtues. We would be powerless due to this enemy. This enemy becomes the cause to avoid us from super-sensuous joy and Godly meeting. Do not take this enemy easy and remain alert. Keep the above noted rules and methods. If followed, you will destroy your enemy forever and thus you will achieve your target easily.

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