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IN the present time, we have to practice remaining in constant and natural yoga through out the day. No body knows what kind of calamities may come in the course of world transformation, or when they may come. To be able to remember only Baba in the final hour, we have to have practice and experience for a long time. For remaining yogyukth while performing actions, we must do sitting yoga in the proper way going into silence and having deep experience. In order to have a powerful session of sitting in yoga, we have to pay attention to our state while doing our duties. Hence, it is an interdependent process. If you do one properly, the other will fallow naturally. One should not feel bored while sitting in meditation. If one dose not have the habit of doing some hours of sitting yoga, then one cannot be yogyukth while performing actions. Whatever timings have been allotted for meditation, must be utilized for the best results for example half an hour before going to sleep etc, We must be alert and do yoga in
the right way. We will discuss here the correct and proper way of doing meditation while sitting.
First of all, we must be interested in doing meditation when we get free time or during the fixed hours. When we sit down to meditate, we should not turn our thoughts tour work, to any person, thing or possession. Actually ours is the meditation through the intellect. We should not concentrate on the mind, but check where the intellect is and visualise the soul as a point of light, like the flame of a candle, through the intellect.
Then form the thought that I am star like point of light. I am playing my role through this body. Now I detach my self from this flesh and bone structure and enter a body of light. I go the subtle world. Avyaktha Bapdada is also in of light all around, in this world. I am sitting here in a body of light. This way we have to detach ourselves from this limited world, and meet Bapdada in the subtle world. Then come out of the body of light all around. There is peace and purity. See Baba as powerful point of light, a shining star in golden red light, through the eyes of the intellect. We can remain in this point-form stage for more time when we remain in a soul conscious stage while performing actions and when our intellect is in Paramdham while doing work, people etc. Suppose there are thoughts of limited things, then we cannot enjoy Baba's company, not any peace, bliss or supersensous joy. The atmosphere will be vitiated and meditation would be boring.
It is the function of the camera of the intellect to form picture, whatever picture we have in our intellect, related thoughts are formed in the mind. When the thoughts are formed in the mind. When the thoughts are wasteful, then the intellect is in the limited sphere. Hence, if we want to experience the vibration of the subtle world, then bring the picture of subtle world in the intellect. Visualise the scene of bright, while light and Bapdada sitting in a body of light. Focus the camera of the intellect on Bapdada and elevated thoughts would follow in the mind.
On whatever objects the camera is focussed, the same picture appears on the T .V screen. When the focus shifts, the picture also changes. Similarly, the related thoughts occur in the mind acts like T.V. whatever picture appears in the intellect, the related thoughts occur in the mind. Therefore, we must pay attention towards focussing the intellect on the things which are would like to experience in yoga. Then no thoughts of this mind will disturb us. We will be able to meditate as long as we wish too. We can experience immense bliss in this way.
Suppose we want to experience the point-form stage then become a point in Paramdham, surrounded with golden red light. Focus the intellect on the shining point-Baba, and there will be an easy powerful stage. Look at Baba in front of you and form such elevated thoughts; god himself is in front of me.........he is giving me power.........where am I.......etc.then meditation will be a lot of fun. But we must keep checking the position of the intellect and realise again and again that Baba is facing us. Similarly, in order to experience the angelic stage, focus the intellect on the subtle angelic world. Think of yourself as sitting in front of Bapdada in the subtle world, in body of light. Picture this with your intellect . when we practice going beyond the limited in to the unlimited, then we won't be aware of what is happening around us and we won't be attracted towards persons, things and possessions. This way, we can have good experience in yoga. We should remain long in a particular stage to fully experience it and only when we wish to have some other experience should we change our stage.
While meditating try to generate only a small number of thoughts. Select a thought, and go into its experience. Don't ever start a running commentary in your mind like: I am a soul, I am a peaceful, pure, powerful soul, etc. This way we are likely to get tried very soon and we won't experience anything. Therefore, choose a thought and go into its depth. This will also help to maintain a yogyukth stage while performing actions. Even if we are experience only one stage or attribute, all other attributes will follow naturally. So try to experience a particular stage for a day, month or weak. The fewer the thoughts, the more powerful will be the state.
In this way, if we use the intellect in the proper manner, then there will be elevated thoughts in the mind also and meditation will be rewarding and rich in experiences. Whatever the intellect goes, there goes the mind too. For example, whatever the cow goes, the calf follows it. If we try to make the intellect fallow the mind then we won't be very successful. Hence we must meditate if the our intellect is focussed on limited things, a person's work, office, then the thoughts would run after these. Therefore, we have to set focus on that thing or stage which we want to remind ourselves in between, that we are sitting in front of Baba . That we want to experience. We have to remind ourselves in between, that we are no walls around, no people, no things. Experience this kind of feeling again and again. When we set our mind and intellect in the unlimited world, concentrating on Baba, then our past sins are destroyed, we experience Supersensous joy and peace, and we don't feel tired or bored while meditating.
In order to enjoy meditation, we should have the practice of being soul-conscious while performing actions. This helps the mind and intellect to be free from the influence of actions. Our thoughts would not run after those actions while meditating. We can reach the point-form stage easily when we sit down to meditate, busy for a long time. When we remember Baba while performing actions, our actions are elevated and inspiring the past sins, as there is deep concentration involved in it.
In the present time, it is essential to do at least four hours of sitting meditation while managing the loukik and aloukik duties. Besides, we should be constantly attentive to be yogyukth while performing actions. This will add up to eight hours of yoga per day. At present these many hours of yoga are essential to protect ourselves from the subtle and gross attacks of maya. We will be able to maintain the flying stage easily. Hence, both sitting yoga anf Karamyoga are essential. If we do the sitting yoga properly, then will be yogyukth while while doing our work, then our sitting yoga will be powerful. We have to get the real joy of yogi life with the balance of these two. This balance only will enable us to inculate the knowledge and to make our lives elevated.
We take the help of some things while sitting down to meditate, for example the music, the red light etc, But if we don't get the support of these things, even then our yoga should be powerful. If we cannot meditate in such circumstances, then it means that we are under the subjugation of these things
We must have the practice of doing yoga without the support of these things, because these things will help us. We should able to achieve a natural stage. If we use the songs to end the waste thoughts then the yoga will end the moment the songs end. If we are trained our thoughts to follow the music, to keep away waste thoughts then it becomes an artificial support. We should not follow the songs and then make our stage but we can make use of the music to rebuild our stage if there is disruption due to waste thoughts. We should be able to maintain our own stage with own efforts, so that, we are to be naturally yogayukth even when the music stops. We have to practice detachment from things even while using them. Only then we able to remain yogayukth in the times to come, when all these supports will vanish.
So, it is necessary to be soul-conscious while performing actions, in order to make the best of sitting meditation. Also essential is to listen to the muruli every day, to chrun the knowledge, to eat pure food in remembrance of Baba because when we eat in powerful remembrance for 1/2 an hour, we get such energy which pulls us unwitting to Baba the rest of the time.
Even if some unpleasant things happens in the work place do not take it seriously, but try to take it lightly and forget it. Such things disturb us in meditation.
So, let us enjoy each moment of supersensous joy, peace and bliss, and swing in the swing of Baba's company by meditating in the right way, let us get maximum benefits in the remaining short period of this diamond age. Through the right method of meditation, let us make ourselves to powerful that we are able to protect ourselves and other in the time that is to come, the time difficult circumstances and destruction.

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